Monday, November 29, 2010

GDP #25: Sens V Oilers - The Return Of Darth Gerber

The Sens are back at it tonight, playing host to the Edmonton Oilers, trying to start up a win streak, and get us back into more of a stable playoff position. Normally this would be a semi interesting game, only really because of it being another Canadian team, and the fact that we nearly made massive trade with them last season for Heatley. But tonight, we have a new reason to make the game interesting and that reason is..............Martin Gerber.

Yep, you heard me correctly, Martin Gerber will start in net for the Oil tonight. It didn't seem very likely last year did it, when he was toiling away in the KHL and had that horrific injury. Well tonight he will make his 2nd start of the season (his 1st was a win on thurs), taking on his old club tonight. This was the chance we were deprived of 2 seasons ago when the Leafs cowardly held him out of the lineup at SBP after acquiring him on waivers. Tonight we get a chance to see the other side of Gerber, playing on another team. Call me crazy but I think he has a huge game tonight.

As much as Gerber drove me crazy here, and man did he ever, I couldn't stand him. I sort of wish that he has a mini comeback and becomes an NHL goalie again. I don't have much against him, he's a good guy and didn't really complain, but it just never worked out. So let's hope he plays well again, just not tonight. Then again, let's face it, he's in my top 5 all time most hated Sens easily. I can even remember excatly where I was on Canada Day when I learnt we had signed him. I remember my reaction being we're screwed.

For the Sens, fresh off a shutout on Saturday, Brian Elliott is back in net. Other than that, zero lineup changes tonight. I guess that was to be expected after a good performance against the lowly Leafs.

Prediction: The Sens are lucky to play the awful Oilers before Thursdays big matchup with San Jose and Dany Heatley, but that also means they may be looking ahead of this game and might not be focused. It's a classic trap game if you will. I say Gerber will have a big game tonight, but the youthful Oil don't have enough to get it done. Sens win 4-2 and Foligno finally scores.


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Whalethewise said...

Man o man, How badly I want Foligno to score... I had high hopes on him after preseason