Monday, November 01, 2010

Guess Who's Back?

As per Ottawa Sun writer Don Brennan's Twitter, it seems that Pascal Leclaire will return to be backup tomorrow night in Toronto. With the return of Snoopy, Robin Lehner will be sent back to Binghamton, where he will be actually able to get a lot of game time, which is good news for his development.

So how long until Snoopy gets hurt again in some crazy, unfathomable way, and what will it be this time? Let's just hope he can regain his form before he was hurt, as he was looking good.

Thoughts on Pascal's return and how/what way he will be injured next?


Rob R. said...

I'm glad Snoopy's back, but I give it three weeks MAX until he suffers a "lower body injury" during an after-the-whistle scrum, or a routine pad save.

Either that, or Mike Fisher destroys his face with another mighty wrist shot...

Anonymous said...

Even though the Sens golie play has not been great in Leclaire's absence, it is the least of their worries right now.

As for the injury, clearly he is going to get smoked by a zamboni.

Anonymous said...

my money is on toronto tomorrow
maybe a mike fisher shot will fix pazzy's face