Friday, November 19, 2010

I Give Up........For Now

Normally I'd post a picture from the game, but I figured that this was more appropriate after our 3rd consecutive no show, and 4th in 5. The Sens were up 1-0, but fell 5-2 to a St Louis team, who were without star goalie Jaroslav Halak. This team is playing horribly right now and are very hard to watch. They just don't seem to get it either, playing really undisciplined, and more alarmingly, uninspired hockey. The charter ride home will be a long, quite one no doubt. Let's hope for everyone's sake that they get it together in time for the battle of my two teams against LA on Monday night. Here's hoping.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Sergei Gonchar is a -13 now on the season, just sayin.
  • Nick Foligno has now gone 20 games without a goal, yet continues to be in the lineup
  • Karlsson was lazy on that 2nd goal, beat to the puck because he didn't skate hard. Also took more dumb penalties, he is struggling right now.
  • Kuba must be the softest 6ft4 dman in the league.
  • Good to see Fisher finally get a point, his first in 8 games.
  • Spezza was back to his old self tonight, with multiple blind no look passes, with one sending a Blues player on a breakaway.
  • Sens let in 3 goals in 1:26, never going to win doing that.
  • Kovalev didn't get his 1000th point tonight, maybe next time.
  • Speaking of AK27, your eyes did not decieve you when you saw him forecheck Erik Johnson with the passion of a 18yr old 4th liner. I was impressed.
  • When will we learn that we're not good enough to take penalty after penalty? After awhile those will always catch up to you and cost you.

With the way tonight went, No One wins the night.

I'm sure I can't be the only one disappointed in the team right now. I know they do have some other issues surrounding the team, but if this goes on much longer, it could really hurt our chances this year. I can understand losing, I really can, IF they play hard and are just beaten by a better team. The thing is we've been mostly beating ourselves lately with lazy play, unforced turnovers and too many stupid penalties, which are all fixable. Let's hope this ends quickly, before it gets out of hand and ruins the season.

Thoughts on the game?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I think that if BM has the opportunity he should blow up the team. This is unfortunate because it means Alfie will not get a chance to win the cup; however, realistically he will not anyway. I says this because the Sens have shown no ability to compete against quality opponents this seasons. Unless you have a winged wheel on your jersey, eventually you have to rebuild.

The Dutch Treat said...

Hale + Karlsson = Karlsson top D-man

Kuba + Karlsson = Sophomore of suck

Let's face it. Kuba SUCKS.

Anonymous said...

move Karlsson up to forward for a couple of games since he can't play defense, sit Foligno. Also reduce Gonchar's minutes (-13) and start bag skating the team after every poor effort.