Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Jen Traplin Interview

Welcome to latest Sens Town interview. This time we are talking to Live 88.5's Jen Traplin, who works the rush hour drive home each and every weekday, so I'm sure she's familiar to many of you. She's also a huge Sens fan and we even went to high school together back in the day. So sit back and get ready to learn a little bit more about Jen, enjoy the read.

Sens Town: So how big a Sens fan are you?

Jen Traplin: I watch every game on television, I go to games as often as I can, I own a bunch of Sens gear and I'm from Ottawa. I 'm a big fan!

Sens Town: How many games do you get to a year?

Jen Traplin: Usually about a dozen games a year.

SensTown: So who's your all time favorite Sens player?

Jen Traplin: Alfie baby!

Sens Town: Least favorite all time player?

Jen Traplin: I still hold a grudge against Yashin.

Sens Town: What did you think about how last season went?

Jen Traplin: Obviously, it's disappointing when the season ends after the first round. But, it's even more of a bummer to miss the playoffs completely. We made the playoffs last year and I'm happy about that. Still waiting for a Stanley Cup but, overall, I think last year was a good year.

Sens Town: Were you sad about losing Volchenkov?

Jen Traplin: Yes! He has been one of my favourite players for a long time now. Sad to see the A-Train leave the station.

Sens Town: What are your favorite and least favorite thing about Scoiatbank place?

Jen Traplin: I love that most seats inside Scotiabank Place are good seats. Whether you're in the 300s or right down in the first few rows, there's really a lot of great vantage points. Least favourite.. the food! I'm a vegetarian so there really aren't many options for me. The cost, of course, is also a downer.

Sens Town: What's your least favorite NHL team and why?

Jen Traplin: The Toronto Maple Leafs. Do I really need to explain why?!

Sens Town: What are your all time favorite Senator memories?

Jen Traplin: Sens vs. Leafs, October 10, 2005. It was the first NHL shootout at Scotiabank Place. I was at the game with my Mom and my stepdad and we happened to be sitting behind a really drunk dude in a Lindros jersey. Just as regulation time was ending, the guy in the jersey turned around and asked me what I threw in his hair. Obviously I hadn't thrown anything in his hair but he was convinced. So he stood up to turn around to confront me face-to-face, just as my stepdad grabbed him by the neck of his jersey. They exchanged a few words and security tossed both my stepdad and the douche in the Lindros jersey. My mom left with my stepdad and told me to enjoy the rest of the game. I ended up watching the first shootout at Scotiabank Place by myself. But we won, so it was all good.

Sens Town: Your least favorite all time Sens memory?

Jen Traplin: Missing the playoffs. It was heartbreaking.

Sens Town: Your favorite non Sens hockey moment?

Jen Traplin: When we were kids, my mom used to take us to watch my stepdad's hockey games. He always played at midnight on Saturday nights. It was awesome.

Sens Town: How do you see us doing this season?

Jen Traplin: Hard to say. We've got a few new guys that I'm pretty excited about. If everyone settles in well, I think the team will be awesome this year.

Sens Town: How do you feel about our goalie situation? Who will end up being the #1?

Jen Traplin: I'm always nervous about our goaltending situation. I don't really feel 100% confident in Leclaire and I think Elliott could handle the #1 slot.

Sens Town: And finally, what's the coolest piece of Sens memorabilia you own?

Jen Traplin: I have a friend that is an over-the-top Sens fanatic. A few years ago, he made this huge Sens shrine and customized it to my TV. It's not holding up well but I love it.

I want to send a special thank you to Jen for giving me some of her time, and letting us into her head for a bit to see how she feels about the Sens. It was very cool of her, so shoutout to Jen and Live 88.8 fm. Be sure to check her out on your drive home tomorrow.

Thoughts on the interview?

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