Monday, November 08, 2010

The Kovalev Is Starting To Play Well Because It's A Contract Year Links

It's that time again, the latest edition of the links. Sit back, enjoy and hopefully this makes your Monday a little bit better to deal with. If not, at least the Sens have won 3 in a row, Kovalev is actually playing well, and Kuba should return by 2014.

-Ok this one is kinda mean, but is guaranteed to make you laugh. This video is even more ironic when you take into consideration the start he has had this season. Sorry Big Rig, err I mean Big Game Chris.

-And here I thought an authentic name and number jersey was expensive at $450. This jersey blows mine out of the water.

-I've seen some weird things in my life, and some weirder things at hockey games, but this is definitely one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.

-This is a little late, but it's a season preview courtesy of Pierre LeBrun.

-Oops! What former Sen was embrassed a little while ago?

-Are you a gambling type of person? Of course not, it's illegal. But say you were, here are the odds for each team this season.

-Looks like our fan base isn't the only one's worried about how our goaltending will hold up, as SI ranked us 28th out of 30 teams.

-Which former Sen has a new column? No not Brad Shaw, stop asking me, instead it is ?

-Intersting little video piece on the Baby Sens.

-This made me laugh. It was from the first week of the season when Leaf Nation was feeling a tad over confident.

-With this kind of amazing reporting, it's hard to see why people hate the Sun. His Pulitzer must be in the mail right?

-What a shocking conclusion in this piece. Next you're going to tell me looks matter too.

-A couple of Sens found themselves in the NHL's top 20 most hated players. To see who was included and what number they were click here.

-October was Hockey Fights Cancer month. I think we all know someone affected by the awful disease. Here is Nick Foligno and his take.

-We ARE NOT trading Jason Spezza.

-And now to the most important issue facing fans, the Beer Cost Index.

-This is one of the best things I've seen in a long time.

-While they were both struggling to start the year, it now appears that this piece is coming true.

-Did you miss the opening of the Binghamton/Toronto AHL game a few weeks ago on CBC? Well here is your chance to see it.

-This was written a week ago, and sadly neither have scored still.

-I generally don't like many ideas that come out of Russia, unless they involve vodka, but this is an idea I could probably get behind if it came to the NHL.

-How is 2007 1st rounder Jim O'Brien doing in Bingo? Watch here.

-For some reason we now get Habs games in english in Ottawa.

-Congratulations! Only took them 14 years to figure out something needs to be done. We will see if anything ever actually happens.

-This has become a regular thing, another edition of the links, another piece hating on the Sens from THN.

-The other day I posted about how former Sen and Ottawa native Shean Donovan had signed a tryout with the Syracuse Crunch. Now comes word that he decided to walk away without even playing a game because he missed his family. Chum is always a class act, all the best.

-Will Alfie make the HOF? John Buccigross thinks so.

-Only in Philly right?

-And finally, where do the Sens rank in the East for goal celerations? Click here to find out.

Thoughts on the links?


Anonymous said...

Yeah.. Chris Phillips scoring on our own net guaranteed to make Sens fans laugh!?!? RIIIIIIIGHT.. That's gotta be the douche-bag remark of the year!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should trade Spezza - He's been an absolute shit bust this year. Hey Jason - maybe you should decide if you want to be a pro hockey player.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should shut the fuck up and actually watch the games. Spezza's been one of the teams best forwards since returning from injury.