Saturday, November 06, 2010

Revenge Is Sweet

The Sens and Alexei Kovalev exacted some revenge tonight, beating the Habs 3-2 in Montreal, in a game that was a lot more one sided than the final score would indicate. The Sens dominated play early and often, though they were not finishing their chances. It could have gotten out of hand if we burried even 30% of them, but in typical Sens fashion, we let the Habs creep back into the game, before holding on and getting the win. With the victory tonight, the Sens have now won 3 in a row, 4 of 5, and now sit just 2 points back of division leader Montreal. So much for that slow start killing us. Kovalev in particular was great tonight, scoring 2, including the game winner to get the win against his former club.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • What can you say about the frustrating one they call L'Artiste, but when he brings it he brings it. He was all over the ice the whole game casuing havoc. That is what I envisioned when we signed him. He has put together 4 or 5 solid games in a row now, good to see. With the 2 points tonight, he is only 3 points away from 1000.
  • Karlsson looks to be back full of confidence after a shaky start to the year, which is awesome and bad, depending how you look at it.
  • Brian Elliott played fairly well, though that 2nd Gionta goal was very soft, he needs to make that save on that angle. It's a routine NHL save.
  • I loved hearing the Habs fans boo their team, can't get enough of it.
  • 2nd quiet game in a row for the captain.
  • Fisher was invisble again, though I'm pretty sure he's hurt.
  • Regin is starting to look good finally, while Foligno sure tries hard but just doesn't have the skill level required.
  • The Ruutu-Kelly-Neil line was a force again tonight, though they should have had a few goals, if anyone of them could finish.
  • Anyone else get tired of hearing the commentators going on and on about the Habs PHD line? You would have thought they were 3 HOFers playing together. It got a bit tiresome, especially considering our 3 line outplayed them most of the night.
  • Nice 2nd effort by Zack Smith to get the 2nd goal. He's a favorite of mine.

Just a reminder to everyone that if you want to be considered to win either pair of the 2 I have to give away to the Thrashers game on Tuesday, your entry needs to be in by 8pm tomorrow. Once again, email me why a pair should be yours at and a pair might be yours. I've already had a ton of entries, will be hard to decide. Best of Luck to everyone.

So the Habs had no business being in this game, but once again we sat back on a lead and it nearly cost us. I think Triple C needs to tell them to be aggressive, or we tend to cough up leads. In the end, it was a promising road win, and the team played really well. It appears that the team is finally settling down and playing properly. We will be even better once Kuba and Michalek return later this week as well. So all of your people on the ledge can come back inside, it's a long season.

With 2 goals, including the winner, as well as just playing a nice game in all aspects, Alexei Kovalev wins the night.

Thoughts on the game tonight?


Anonymous said...

All in all I think one of the best games the Sens have played this year. I agree that it should not have been that close.

The problem with Alfie is that Fisher is invisible, and Foligno is pretty useless so essentially he has no one to play with.

I think today was the best I have ever seen Kovalev play in terms of winning battles along the boards.

We have to stop giving up great chances on our powerplays.

I think Kelly had a great game; however, I think someone has to remind Neil that he is not a finesse player. He keeps trying to make fancy saucer passes and such and just doesn't work for him.

french said...

I dont think that fisher is injured, i think that since underwood has been in town he has been using most of his energy off the ice.

Anonymous said...

Disagree "french", usually he does well, just the opposite. I do believe he is injured. He didn't take any faceoffs with the exception of one I saw towards the end of the game. His ice time is down. He was getting above 20 minutes, now he's well below it. He doesn't have his legs. He's not hitting and he is very sluggish. When Alfie and Foligno rushed he was well behind. Towards the end I believe that Spezza even took the faceoffs on his line the he came out towards the end of the shift. Foligno was taking most of the faceoffs in the beginning of the game. Definitely think that somethings up. I would not blame it on his wife in town. With his work ethic I do not believe that he would appreciate those comments as well. Team played really well. Elliot, wow, Kovalev has completely turned around. Phillips is better again and they didn't sit back. It was a very enjoyable game to watch.

Anonymous said...

Not liking that -8 for Gonchar.