Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Richardson Service Reminder

Just a reminder for everyone in case it slipped your mind, that tomorrow, Wednesday November 17th, is the public ceremony of life for Daron Richardson, the daugther of Luke, who is a former player and current assistant coach. The ceremony begins at 10am on the floor of Scotiabank Place, and guests are asked to enter through either gate 1 or 2. It is open to the public if you wish to attend and pay your respects.

The Senators players will all be attending, voting to come back from Philadelphia last night, instead of going straight to Carolina after the game. This means they will be flying to Raleigh in the afternoon after the service. This is a rare event and the team had to get permission from the NHL to fly day of the game, but of course were granted permission given the circumstances.

The Richardson family is asking that in lieu of sending flowers, that people make a donation to a chosen charity instead. If you have the means to do so, I highly suggest doing so. Donations can be sent to:

The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health-Youth Program
1145 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1Z 7K4

If you still are wanting to send flowers instead, they may be sent to this address:

The Richardson family
c/o Chad Schella
Ottawa Senators Hockey Club
1000 Palladium Drive
Kanata, ON
K2V 1A5

If you have time tomorrow, come by to show your respect to an Ottawa family going through a really rough time. Perhaps showing how much the city he lives in and grew up in cares, will make even a tiny difference in how they must feel right now. If you can't make it, try and make a donation or at least keep them in your thoughts. Ottawa is a small city and when one person hurts we all do.

Sens Army sticks together, so time to show our support.



Anonymous said...

good post mayor.
Rest in Peace Daron.

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