Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sens Drop Snoozefest

Wow what a boring game that was! Can anyone even think of one memorable play from either team? Because I sure can't. If ever there was a time to issue refunds, tonight was that night. Nornally I try and put up a cool looking picture, but tonight, this boring picture sort of sums up the game I felt. Hell, even our goal was boring. Losing 2-1 to Dallas is not good, we sure can't score. About the only positive is, I may or may not have seen Carrie Underwood finally, but I couldn't tell if it was her or not. I'm sure one of you Carrie fans can tell me if she was at the game or not.

Thoughts from the game:
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Foligno has now hit 22 games. Nick meet pressbox, pressbox meet Nick.
  • Leclaire played pretty well again, but didn't face that many tough tests. Both goals were solid shots.
  • Dallas easily could have been up 5 or 6-0 if they knew how to hit the net.
  • Not one Sen played a great game, not one.
  • I'm really starting to hate Kuba with a passion. It grows every game.
  • Our whole defensive corps is awful.
  • Offense isn't much better. We barely even mustered any chances tonight.

With the way we played tonight, you guessed it, no one wins the night.

Thoughts on the game?


Anonymous said...

This is what we can expect from our middling mediocre team.. sorry goggle wearers and apologists.. we do not have a good team and we will be mired in mediocrity until we either bottom out or unload our veterans for draft picks and yes sens cheerleaders I do mean Alfie and the cherished one.. best we will struggle for a playoff spot.

Anonymous said...

I hate Kuba too Buddy ! He is so fkin lazy !

Anonymous said...

The Sens are too slow and have too many floaters. Their main problem really is there play away from the puck. This includes poor defensive coverage but also losing races, not driving the net, not moving to support the puck and not moving to open space. I am getting sick and tired of this team.

The Dutch Treat said...

Kuba must go. My hate for him is in every fiber of my being. I literally feel the need to punch him in the face watching him play.

In my opinion, he has been the downfall of this roster. Things have gone to sh!t ever since the Czech Marshmallow decide to pull his lazy @ss onto the ice.

stefffizzzle said...

lol i love your only positive being that you might have seen carrie. unfortunately I cant tell you if she was at the game... i'll ask around but i think she was.

Anonymous said...

This game was absolutely terrible. I agree that there wasn't even one positive to take away from this game. On top of that, the fan support that this city has shown to the team this year ranks up there as some of the worst in the league. 16K at a game... come on that is terrible. To make it better, about a 1/4 of the fans in my section left the game with 10 minutes left in the third...