Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sens Get Lucky, Win

What a weird game that was right? The Sens were fairly out chanced, out worked, out talented, everywhere except on the scoreboard, eeking on a 3-2 win over my west coast team, the LA Kings. The Sens got lucky twice, with 2 goals being disallowed, and make no mistake, both should have been goals. But screw it, we needed the 2 points more, so tonight we needed and got the breaks.

Other thoughts from the game:

  • Kovalev got his 1000th point an the opening goal, but more importantly, he was working hard all night. I like this Alexei Kovalev very much.
  • Spezza was ever lucky to escape with the game winner tonight. The 1st LA goal was his fault for the awful no look pass, and the to be 3rd goal that was wiaved off happened because he couldn't get the puck out to secure the W. Then again, he also score the highlight reel winner too. And that my friends, is the perfect summation of Spezza.
  • Poor Foligno, he tries so hard and just can't make it happen, and by happen, I simply mean not falling over.
  • Chris Neil's fight was really god, until once again he hyped himelf after. Just let the fight speak for itself, it's lame. Especially when you then proceeded to miss the rest of the game.
  • Some sketchy calls for both teams tonight, refs were horrible all night.
  • I thought Regin worked hard all night, I liked his game.
  • Alfie feeding the puck to Michalek to tie the game with a minute left n period 2 may be a turning point in our year.
  • The Kings are much faster than we were. They won almost every battle. They are much better than we are.
  • Lecalire was decent tonight, can't fault him for that Kopitar goal, was a rocket.
  • Phillips continues to struggle with giveaways and stupid penalties.
  • Hale in, another win. Just sayin'.
  • Liked seeing Campoli take on Smyth after he hit Kovie.
  • Is it me or did we look better without Karlsson?

With one goal and one assist tonight, and for recording his 1000th and 1001st career points, Alexei Kovalev wins the night.

Thoughts on the game?

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Anonymous said...

Gee, you don't exactly sound thrilled that the Sens won. First of all, saying "both should have been goals" is kind of ignorant. The first one, Carkner definitely pulled the net off but of course that's much easier to see in slow-motion replay than as a ref on the ice. Same goes for the Smyth high-stick. Who are you to say it wasn't high? The only thing that was clear was that it wasn't clear whether it was high or not. Therefore the call on the ice stands.

And as for your other point.. I don't think we looked better without Karlsson at all. For you to say the Sens didn't even deserve to win and looked better at the same time? Also pretty ignorant. I like what Hale brings to the table, and Karlsson definitely struggled last week, but it was clear last night that we had a rough time getting out of our zone, something that having Karlsson back in the lineup would help.