Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sens Practice Update

A couple of quick hits for a lazy Sunday afternoon. First off, the Sens praticed earlier today and there were a few notable happenings. The practice was without two key players, in Erik Karlsson and Alfie. I've been told that Karlsson just has the flu and he may not play tomorrow against Los Angeles, and that Alfie was just sitting out to not put un-needed miles on his aging body, which is normal for him.

A few shocking stats I came across to pass along as well. On our road trip, we had 10powerplays, while we took 20 penalties, which is horrible. Special teams is always a huge factor in games and undisciplined play is a main reason we've been really struggling lately. Speaking of taking too many penalties, Erik Karlsson has been the worst of the bunch, he needs to pick it up.

Also, we were all excited to have Kuba back, but it hasn't paid off at all yet. In fact, heres a crazy stat involving healthy scratch David Hale. When he has played this year, we are 7-3-0 and when he doesn't we're 2-7-1. It's something to think about in my opinion. We can't sit Carkner because he is the only toughness on the defensive side, but maybe time for Campoli to watch a few games from Biz Nasty's usual seat.

Also, our semi usual top pairing of Phillips-Gonchar are struggling. For whatever reason, Phillips has looked out of place this year, truning he puck over like the old Wade Redden is his last few seasons here. We need them to step it up and they should shoulder a large part of the blame. They are a combined minus 23 on the season, which is pathetic.

With the way we've been playing, one would think that Murray has to be worried and made pull the trigger on a deal fairly soon if things don't improve. Easy targets would be perennial healthy scratch Brian Lee, goalless Nick Foligno and perhaps one of Shannon or Winchester. What the return of those would be is anyone's guess, but I can't see it doing much to help our cause. If we want to make changes, you have to do something significant.

So with our obvious struggles of late, Triple C has decided to switch up his lines at practice, and will probably translate to tomorrow's game against the Kings. The new lines were:
  • Kelly-Spezza-Alfie (Lee if he can't play)
  • Michalek-Regin-Kovalev
  • Neil-Winchester-Ruutu
  • Foligno-Fisher-Shannon

and on the defensive side a few changes as well:

  • Phillips-Kuba
  • Gonchar-Campoli
  • Karlsson (Hale)-Carkner

Interesting to see him break up the Neil-Kelly-Ruutu line that is usually so steady, and that Fisher now finds himself on the 4th line. Here's what Triple C was thinking about with the changes.

Thoughts on all the changes/happenings/trade rumors/stats?


Anonymous said...

"if things don't approve"??? Please proof read prior to posting, today's item is not up to your usual level, full of typos and weird spell-checker substitutes...

The Mayor said...

my bad, was a long weekend, had to do it very quickly and rush out.

Back to normal later today for the GDP promise