Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ticket Giveaway 2

The first giveaway went so well I thought, why not do it again. This time you have a chance to see my west coast team, the Los Angeles Kings, take on the Senators on Monday, Novemember 22nd at SBP. I'm giving away a Subway 4 pack to a lucky reader, so you can join me and watch my 2 favorite teams play.

The Subway pack included 4 tickets and 4 subs, so a pretty solid giveaway here. If you don't win and want to check out the game, go for it. The deal goes for $99 for all 4 seats in the upper 300's and $149 for lower 300's. That's a nice little deal for 4 subs and 4 tickets. If you can't make this one, there's 3 other's this year, so hit it up and support our boys.

Ok, now on to how you can win this pack. Nothing complicated this time. Just send in a picture of you or you and your friends wearing your Sens gear. It can be from a game, a party, in front of a landmark (like the pic of th eguys in Brazil above), whatever you think is best. The best picture gets the tickets and subs, easy as that.

Sens all your pictures to and put tickets in the subject heading. You have until Sunday at 8pm to enter, so you have some time to take new pictures somewhere in Ottawa or in a diffent city if you want, or just time to look through your pictures and send them in. Winner will be sent an email around 9pm or so Sunday night, telling you if you've won.

Hope everyone enters and has fun with this, you can't really beat free Sens tickets, so get creative. Best of luck everyone.

-The Mayor

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