Thursday, December 02, 2010

Failure To Launch

Well that went well, didn't it? The Sharks murdered the Sens 4-0 in front of a hostile crowd at SBP, but the Sens forgot to show up, show any heart, or compete, in front of an arena full of supporters who needed them to. At this point, I'm very discouraged. If they couldn't get up for this game with the place going crazy, then what shot do we have this year or in the future.

Is it too much to ask for maybe ONE Sen to hit Heatley even once? They really let him off the hook big time. I'm embarassed for our team right now. They showed ZERO heart, and that goes for EVERYONE on the team, except poor Pascal Leclaire, who once again played well, but got screwed over with no goal support.

I just hope the Senators players know how much they let an etire city down tonight. We wanted you to make us proud, but you didn't even get off the starting block.



french said...

the senators organization needs to decide if we want to start to build around our young prospects and trade some players, or hope our ageing veterans can win a cup with time running out.

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