Thursday, December 02, 2010

GDP #26 vs Enemy #1

So is everyone stoked for the return of Dan Boyle and Logan Couture to Ottawa or what? Of course, the big deal tonight is Dany Heatley's first appearance since leaving on less than good terms with the organization and fans. Here is what will happen tonight. Fans will boo, Heatley won't care, and afterwards, we'll all be saying, that's all that happened? These type of games can never live up to the hype, but as always don't worry, if you can't make the game, I always got you. Expect a photo diary tomorrow or Saturday.

Ok so on to the actual game, you all do remember there is a game tonight right? The Sens placed David Hale on waivers today so something is up, some think it's to call Bobby Butler up, but I've been hearing it's because of a trade. No specifics yet, but just a little heads up that it's probably coming. With that news, the D pairings tonight will be Phillips-Gonchar, Kuba-Karlsson and Campoli-Carkner. In net, Pascal Leclaire is supossed to start but he was a spot of the flu apparently, so we will see if he makes it to game time or not.

The lines tonight will be:
  • Regin-Spezza-Alfredsson
  • Michalek-Fisher-Kovalev
  • Foligno-Kelly-Neil
  • Ruutu-Winchester-Shannon

Other thoughts/predictions for tonight:

  • Someone gives Heatley a big check, but nothing serious.
  • There will be numerous funny signs.
  • Isn't it awesome that #15 won't even been the biggest return tonight? LeBron James steals that "honor". Call it a deminished TV role.
  • Heatley will score.
  • A few fans will throw old Heatley jerseys on the ice, but not nearly as many as you'd think.
  • For the most part, the game will be very uneventful Heatley wise. Overrated really.
  • Check the front page of the Sun today. If you still think they're a professional paper, you have problems.

Prediction: We are struggling big time right now, but the Sens want to wint his one for the fans I'm sure. On the other hand, SJ is a better team and wants to win it for Dany. I have no idea what to expect. It could be 8-7 (though I can't see us scoring that much), a 6-0 win or loss, or just a boring 3-2 game (most likely). Nothing would surprise me. Also, a win tonight isn't any sort of revenge, so scratch all that. Sens feed on energy on the building and win 3-2, but Heatley scores at least 1.

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Thoughts on the game?

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