Thursday, December 09, 2010

GDP #30: Sens V NYR

The Sens are back at it tonight, with a tilt against the Rangers, the team they somehow managed to beat and score against on Sunday, hoping to put the embarassing performance in Montreal behind them. The Sens need to get on a roll and quickly or they will be on the outside looking in come playoff time.

With the team struggling, there have been quite a few lineup changes as you might expect. As a result, the lines tonight will look at a bit different. Brian Lee continues to sit out, while Peter Regin draws back in, with Shannon sitting out instead.

The new lines tonight will be:
  • Foligno-Fisher-Alfredsson
  • Michalek-Spezza-Butler
  • Ruutu-Kelly-Neil
  • Regin-Winchester-Kovalev

I have to say, I don't really care for the new lines. Having Fisher and Foligno on our 1st line with the ever again Alfie? Not a good look. Struggling rookie callup Bobby Butler is on line 2? Not a fan. And Kovalev on line 4? I mean that isn't his game, if you're going to play him there, you might as well sit him in my opinion.

Will it work? We will see, but I doubt it. Nothing seems to work for us as far as goal scoring is concerned anymore. Brian Elliott and Henrik Lundqvist start in net. Great just what we needed, an all star goalie for our scoring woes. It's tough to be a Sens fan these days isn't it?

Prediction: The Sens beat the Rags on Sunday, but only after defensive minded Chris Kelly potted a hatty. We can't exactly count on that again tonight now can we? So you have to ask yourself, where will the goals come from then? When will we stop taking dumb penalties that cost us? The Sens rebound tonight however, winning 3-2.

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Anonymous said...

Bryan Murray has to go. The one good thing about the empty seats at SBP is that this has to help get him fired.

Kuba signing = fail
Fisher's contract = fail
Neil's contract = fail
Leclair trade = fail
trading for rentals when we had a mediocre team = fail
Kovalev signing = major fail
Gonchar signing = major fail
Heatley trade = epic fail

I know that Muckler may have left him in a bad spot (if you can call Eastern Conference champs a bad spot)but he hasn't made it any better. We have one of the slowest, and softest teams in the NHL and he brings in guys who only make this worse. Has he made good draft picks and depth moves, doesn't seem like it. Our AHL team continues to struggle, we have a bunch of overpaid 4th liners and Karlsson continues to look like a forward playing defense.

It is time to rebuild and clearly we need someone else to oversee the rebuild.

Anonymous said...

Well, you predicted correctly what SHOULD have been the score last night...