Monday, December 06, 2010

A Heatley Photo Diary Part 2: Media & Fan Edition

Welcome to part 2 of the Dany Heatley returns to Ottawa Photo Diary. It's back by popular demand thanks to tons of emails and comments. Since the game happened, I've been sent some pictures from fans, so I thought, let's revisit it from a fan and media perspective. So I figured I'd start with a picture I took. This sums up the whole Heatley saga to me. He starts a huge problem and then is on the outside looking in when it's time to throw down. So with that, enjoy part 2.

The normally tepid fans of Ottawa were truly mad about this one. Even going as far as having a Heatley Hate fest at a local bar before the game to get people in the proper frame of mind for the game. You know this is major, because usually the only time Sens fans get excited is when they can win a free t-shirt being shot into the crowd at SBP.

The now infamous cover of The Ottawa Sun on gameday. This is truly a prime example of lazy, lowest common denomiator "humor". A pathetically amateur photoshop job, coupled wtih a truly lame headline. In other words, just another day at The Ottawa Sun. I can't believe they get paid to produce such easy product.

Here comes a tweet from resident embarassment of a reporter Don Brennan from the Ottawa Sun. Now, I do agree that the game should have been sold out, but I have a question for Mr Brennan. How many tickets did you buy for the game? This complaint is spoken like someone who gets paid to attend games, and never has to pay a cent to support the team. You can't criticize people for not spending theirs, when you don't have to part with yours.

This is what greeted people at Scotiabank Place in the tunnel from the parking lot when they arrived. An old Heatley jersey on the ground for people to show their displeasure with. I saw people spitting on it, wiping their feet on it, putting cigarettes out on it, and rumor has it after the game it was even lit on fire.

This was featured on Yahoo's Puck Daddy Blog, which graciously ran part 1 of the photo diary. It shows a Heatley figure in the bathroom at SBP, so fans could, well you know on him. Harsh or fair? Perhaps a bit of both.

Heatley swag all over the ice. Unfortunately for the blood thirsty fans, this would be the only time Heatley would be on the ice. Not one Sens player decided to take it upon himself to punish him with a big hit all night. The fans were not impressed.

Now this was one of the funnier things from the night I thought. Someone going through the trouble and expense to make such a big, high quality sign to disparage Dany, while also dressing up as a baby himself to make it that much more effective. We sure showed Cleveland how to do it didn't we? They were embarassingly boring and quiet.

And here is the 2 amigos, Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza "fighting" for the puck in the corner. I think this accurately shows both of their time in Ottawa. Neither is throwing a hit and Heatley is trying to avoid being touched, while Spezza is making a lazy attempt to win the puck. Ladies and gentleman, this is our best player, the future is grim. Oh wait, nevermind, I forgot about the Euge's we're going all the way this year statement. Now I feel even worse.

This jersey was tossed on the ice early into the game. It of course has the HATE on the back that has become a common sight around SBP. Even folded up it has a more multi dimensional game than Heatley.

This one was sent in to me by a reader, who took his autographed Heatley card, and turned it into some worthless paper. Wait, those two are the same thing anyway.

I had a picture of this in part 1, but this is a better quality, and also has the Heatley Sucks underneath. Too bad the proclamation of this sign didn't come true, there wasn't much siffering going on with the Sharks winning 4-0, but at least Heatley didn't score.

Now this guy is the poster child for wanting to be a shit starter. He shows up at the game wearing a Heatley Sharks jersey, which is bad enough when the whole crowd is angry as is, but then he goes that extra mile to be a jerk and has a sign that says I wouldn't way to play here either. I believe this is called the Maple Leaf technique.

And I figured this might be a good way to end things, with a decapitated Dany Heatley McFarlane figure and the obligatory We Hate You sign behind it. This might be a bit extreme, but so was how Heatley left and this is all in good fun, I think.

Hope everyone enjoyed part 2, as much as part 1 and thanks for reading. If you want to see some more photo diaries, be sure to check out the photo diary archive.



Anonymous said...

Pure hilarity! Better than part one.

FireItUp said...

That photo with the baby was mine/of me. I actually designed the poster and when I saw the dude dressed as the baby I had to get a photo of him with my sign lol Unfortunately, the sign was just too big for the first level. I printed the sign for $16 not too bad it was 16 11"x 17" tilled.