Friday, December 03, 2010

Heatley Returns: A Photo Diary

My pass to get into the hate fest, and although it didn't turn out as I had hoped, it was still nice to see the passion again from our fans. I know we get criticized a lot by the media and other fanbases, and sometimes rightfully so, but last night showed me that when motivated, we're as good as any in the league. We gave him an earful all night, and it was a night I won't soon forget in Sens history. Now on to the fun, as always, click on the pics to enlarge.

I'm not going to lie, normally this would be a Jersey Foul, but because of the circumstances of Heatley's return, anything goes, I gave a 24hr pass to anyone and everyone. I even applaud the effort of this guy to go the extra distance to make it nice. I saw many people with tape on their jerseys to hate, but this guy actually got big, bold professional lettering done to let everyone know he was serious about how badly Dany sucked.

This was our first chance to see Dany as a Shark since he left, when he came out for the warmup. There was probably only a few thousand there, but they were loud and made sure he was boo'd every single time he touched the puck, and every time he was in a corner, there was fans yelling at him and signs everywhere to make him as uncomfortable as possible. In true Heatley style, he was the very first player off the ice, so he didn't have to deal with the hate very long. He's also standing next to his buddy Spezza, though they didn't talk thank god. That would have gotten Jason in quite the jam from the fanbase.

When I saw someone sitting in the front row wearing a Heatley jersey for the warmup, I thought to myself, what a dick! Then I thought, no wonder he's a Heatley fan.

A few hateful signs in warmup for Dany boy behind the bench. The one you can't see on the right in green said 45million = Diminished role to Heatley. It's important to set the bar low at the start so you can finish strong.

Just a few minutes into the game, a bitter fan tosses his old Sens Heatley jersey on the ice in disgust of #15. Since it was laying down, the ref had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't the actual Dany Heatley.

I think this sign sums up the feelings of most of the Senators fanbase. He is dead to me too.

One of the loudest cheers of the night game when Heatley got called for a highsticking penalty on his biggest Ottawa supporter, Jason Spezza. Of course we didn't capitalize on it and stick it to him or anything, but the fans had a fun time with it, especially those near the penalty box, who were chirping him the whole time. This as it turns out, would be the best opportunity to cheer for anything all night. Sigh!

A funny sign to show what they thought of Mr Heatley for TSN. The best part, the guy in the Leaf jersey underneath it. When will they stop wearing jerseys to games they're not involved in? This is why everyone hates you.

Ladies and gentleman from other cities, yes this is what the Sens organization thinks passes for entertainment at an NHL game, a violin player having a ho down. It's getting hard to defend my team sometimes with the decisions they make.

This was interesting to see, it was SIX San Jose Heatley jersey's in a row. They were loud and proud at the start of the game, but they disappeared midway through the game, kind of like Dany in the playoffs.

I didn't know what to make of this, since I'd never seen it before, Heatley in front of the net. Luckily I was quickly brought back to earth by seeing Phillips not touch anyone in front of our net, that I've seen a million times.

This was one of the more creative hating I saw. Someone took a Santa doll, pasted the picture of Heatley's face with the soother from the cover of The Sun on it, and then tossed on a HATE tee for good measure. I think we all know what Santa list Dany made this year.

And there is our first look in person of public enemy #1 in his new jersey on our logo at centre ice. Just doesn't look right does it?

This was a shocker. We didn't even sell the game out? I know I know, most cities would be excited to have 18k at their game. Well this isn't most cities, and this wasn't just a random Thursday night game. The 18k+ fans who did show up made it sound like 30k, so that was pretty awesome, but still really disheartening to not sell it out for a game of this magnitude. Leaf and Hab fans may now mock us with reason.

Simple and to the point, plus a hockey reference as well. A bit on the corny side, but nevertheless, still pretty effective. Plus my mom liked it, so I had to throw it in here for her.

A fan by the glass giving it to Heatley. This guy was pretty animated all night, which I like to see, even if he may be familiar to you because he is a previous jersey fouler. Shoutout to JF#55.

Early into the 3rd, fed up with our play, and wanting to make a statement I assume, members of the Red Scarf Union band together and about 7 or 8 of them threw their Heatley gear on the ice at the same time. They were also promptly kicked out of SBP of course, but though I normally don't support throwing stuff on the ice, I liked the message it sent, and let's be honest, it was a one time deal with special circumstances, so I give them a pass. I wonder if the Senators organization will feel the same, or will they pull their affiliation with them?

I apologize from the craptastic picture quality on this one, but if you look closely, it has FU in duct tape over the 15 on his tee. This went perfect with the Fuck You Heat-Ley clap clap clap clap clap chant that was going for awhile at SBP, you know before the 55yr old women ushers came and ruined everyone's parade. I doubt you were able to hear it on TV, or they wouldn't let you, but a good amount of people were doing it, and it was funny.

Congratulations Sens, you drove an entire building that was filled with energy to the exits with your pathetic play. You did not provide ONE highlight the entire night. Not one exiting play. You didn't touch Heatley, you didn't have a decent scoring chance and you played with zero heart. Oh wait, was the entire night an homage to the style of Dany Heatley?

And finally, here are the Sharks celebrating the win. They must have beeen in shock about how easy it was, and how little effort we showed in a game like that. If you're looking for Heatley in the picture, you won't see him. As soon as the game ended he left the bench for the dressing room like a coward, instead of celebrating the win with his teammates, who had to tolerate the circus. A typical Dany Heatley move.

All in all, it was a horribly disappointing night. The Sens rolled over, which was shocking. I was fine with losing, but at least play hard all night, hit, show some passion for the fans who were obviously hurting. We're not likely to go very far this season, despite what the Euge says, so this was our mini Stanley Cup, at least for the fans, and you know what, the players looked like they didn't care. No one played with any urgency. It looked like they were playing a pre-season game, in a game that the fans desperately wanted to win. Everyone was just so let down by the team.

The positive from the night were the fans. They let Dany have it all night and there were many funny cheers and signs that never made it to TV. After watching the Cavs/Heat game when I got home from SBP, I'm ever more proud of our fan base. The Cleveland fans barely did a thing and were fairly quiet compared to what I witnessed, if you know what I mean.

Thoughts on the return?


Anonymous said...

This was awesome. :)

As an FYI, the row of guys in the Heatley jerseys was probably Ryane Clowe's buddies from Newfoundland. Why they all had /Heatley/ jerseys, though, is beyond even me.

-- A Sharks fan that doesn't like Heatley

Anonymous said...

They all had Heatley Jerseys because Ryane Clowe bought both their seats, and the jerseys!

I get the hate, but would have loved to see the Sens actually do something with the energy of the crowd. I also would have liked to see the refs actually call delay of game for the three times foreign objects were thrown on the ice.

Anonymous said...

Senators should have received a penalty for the selfish act of their fans by tossing Heatley gear to the ice. Heatley also apparently got hit by something, so why would he want to be a target after the game. Get a life Ottawa, or better yet, a real hockey team. You guys wonder why he left...

Anonymous said...

Sharks fan here,totally understand the feeling of the Sens fan and wonder if Dany would pull a move like that again. But, of course, was very pleased with the effort last night.
Don't forget about Logan Couture. This kid is becoming a stud and it was nice to see him get some appreciation in front of the Ottawa crowd that watched him with the 67's. He has been our most consistent player in a maddeningly inconsistent year.
Also surprised by the amount of cheers heard for the Sharks, but when the home team is losing, that happens, we're used to it in San Jose.
Both teams dissapointing so far this season, so good luck to the Senators!
Go Sharks!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see us boo so much but it is a horrific reflection on our fan base and us a sports city that we did not even sell out the building. No wonder we cant keep a cfl team and constantly blame everyone else.. same thing when Rod Bryden owned the Sens and simply asked Fans to buy tickets to make sure our Sens team stays.. and what did we as fans do and the local media do?? Whine.. Whine Whine.. cannot believe that this building was not sold out. For this I say Heatley gets the last laugh and maybe illustrates why he wanted out.. our team is descending into mediocrity and our fan base is at base tepid. I would hate to see if we had to go through a true re build.. terrible job Ottawa.. simply terrible.

Anonymous said...

Couture had a good game and i get he was happy to score and all but i found his celebrations pretty arrogant and obnoxious still

Patricia said...

Pretty amazing with all the digs at Heatley's style and the night being an example of his play -- why are the Sens fans and this blogger so very upset at his departure if you think so little of him to begin with.

Sour grapes I would say. No one would care that much if it wasn't a player you wanted to stay

Michael said...

This was a fantastic article! First time I've been to the site, but I will definitely come back.

I did want to share an anecdote -

Last year, I went to the Blue Jackets/Sharks game in Columbus. It was my first time on the glass. Every time Heatly was on the ice, we yelled things like, "Have a drink, Dany!" and, "I need a ride home after the game!" We were next to the faceoff circle, so I'm pretty sure he heard us.

Anonymous said...

Lol, wow. I guess there's not much to do in Ottawa? I can understand the bitterness I suppose, it just seems over the top to me, time to move on people.

I also noticed how there was no mention in this detailed article of the full bottles thrown at some of the Sharks players. Stay classy, Ottawa.