Thursday, December 02, 2010

It Is What It Is

Today is the day. We already know the who, why, when, and where. No need to repeat it. So enjoy, get it all out, and move on. Today is your day to vent. You can complain away all day in the comment section and I will be in there too to respond and answer questions, but I won't be writing a huge piece on it. It's played out to me. Everyone else will be doing it and it's not really needed. Well know what happened, no need to waste your time with the boring recap. This is it for me today.

If you wanna let him have it, I understand. If you're bitter, I understand. If you just feel like talking about it, I understand. This is the place, where others, like yourself, will understand how you feel. So let it all out, and get to talking in the comments section, because after today, it's over.

Thoughts on his return?


Dany Heatley said...

It doesn't matter. I'm an all-star. I'm Dany F***ing Heatley!!!

BR said...

No one ever questioned his talent. We only questioned his reason and timing (he should have honored his contract like a man). He's clearly a prima donna who is only concerned about himself. I'm pissed that he's put the SENs and their fans back at least 5 years. I love his skill and I dispise him as a human.