Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Leave Of Absence

Hello everyone. Happy Holidays.

I just wanted to let everyone know that there won't be many, if any new posts until Dec 31st. I will be on holiday. I was supposed to be taking my talents to south beach, but unforseen circumstances made that not an option anymore. At the time I thought I would have internet access and would bring my laptop to keep the site updated, but things have changed.

I'm now going to be spending a week in NYC and Boston, and frankly, it's a huge hassle to bring my laptop with me and to post everyday when I'm away from Ottawa and then Sens as whole, especially with the way we've been playing. You probably won't even miss me.

That being said, who knows, maybe I will post a few times depending on my internet access and my desire to say something. I might post a couple times or I might not post even once while I'm gone. So feel free to check back for some mystery possible posts, or take a break from me yourself, consider it my christmas present you.

I will however, be updating my vaykay and cool/funny happenings via twitter while I'm gone. So if you wanna see some cool NYC/Boston pics and hear some stories, then by all means follow me on twitter @SensTown for all the latest

There's a solid chance I will post something while I'm gone and will do my best to catch the games on a tv if possible, so check back here and there. If not, everyone have a happy holidays and a merry christmas and I will see you back here for the Dec 31st game against Columbus.

Everyone have a safe holiday season. And yes, if the Capitals win that cup this year, they have the Sens to thank courtesy of 24/7 episode 2. If anyone has anything they think I should see in Boston or New York feel free to post it in the comment section or tweet me.

-The Mayor