Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Round And Round We Go

With the Sens continuing to struggle, and a playoff spot looking less and less likely with each passing day, many Sens fans have become increasingly frustrated. In fact, many supporters want changes, big one's. Now if we know one thing, it's that 68 year old GM Bryan Murray is a creature of habit. He's old school, and some might argue in over his head with his old way of doing things. Between his blabbing to the media about his private conversations, his handling of the Heatley situation, and his signing of 273 4th liners, perhaps he has become a bit predictable. Sometimes I feel a severe case of deja vu with most of his problem solving moves.

Well Sens Town has discovered what Murray resorts to whenever there is a problem that needs to be fixed. He goes to his trusted wheel of misfortune, I mean wheel of change. It's got all his greatest hits including, trading another 2nd rounder, signing the local guy who's career is at the end of the line, handing out no trade clauses to like candy because who needs cap flexibility anymore, the annual overpaying and signing of an aging former star player who's team no longer wanted him, and who could forget the yearly tradition of trying to trade Brian Lee after having no interest at any point EVER.

So sit back and give the wheel a read. You will most likely recognize most of his patented moves, so you know this is a legit find. Eat your heart out Damien Cox and Don Brennan, you've been scooped.



Anonymous said...

I would argue that many of those moves on the wheel would be good moves.....who wouldnt want to trade kuba if we could?

french said...

Being a sens fan i am aware of the fact that MOST sens fans are very dumb (not all). So stfu to those retards who dont know fuck all about the business of the game, you will prob end up fucking over the organization since melnyk will feel like he needs to make a dumbass move.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love how 'Trade Kuba' is up there many times. That should be the #1 priority in my opinion. The guy takes up waaaaay too much cap space and does absolutely nothing. I thought the team would be better when he got back in the lineup, but they've clearly been worse. I know it may not be directly correlated but the team was doing better with Hale in there. TRADE KUBA!