Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Saga Continues

This is a bit of a shocker in my opinion. Brian Lee has cleared waivers and not one team put in a claim for him. From what I had been hearing from around the league, I expected multiple teams to put in for him, although none ultimately did.

At this point, I'm feeling just about as bad as anyone can feel for someone who's 23 years old and a millionaire, and who gets to play hockey (sort of) for a living. I feel especially bad, since according to Ian Mendes, they are not even going to send him to Bingo so he can at least play, instead of rotting away in the press box here. And it isn't a money thing, because he's on a 1 way deal anyways.

Mendes also goes on to say that they will still look to trade him. Ok, let me explain something to you Bryan Murray. If they could have had him for NOTHING and they chose to pass, why would they want him when they have to give an asset up? And yes I know, teams may be willing to take him off our hands in a trade if they dump an unwanted played from their team on us, but isn't that even worse? The last thing we need is to take on someone else's cap problem.

So Lee clears and will just continue to watch from the presser. Same old, same old in Senator Land.


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jph15 said...

well, that sucks, now what do we do?