Friday, December 17, 2010

Sens Lose Like The Most Exciting Game Ever

Well that was exciting wasn't it? Even though the Sens lost 6-5 in OT tonight, at least it was a thrilling affair, which is really all we've been wanting. The problem we all had was them not playing hard and not competing. Well both of those were solved tonight, and I know one thing, I will be watching more Colorado games now, they are exciting.

The final box score said Brian Elliott made 19 saves, but I didn't see one. Sometimes you need a goalie to make one save to keep you in the game, Elliot failed to do that at all tonight after getting the surprise start. We finally scored 5 and Elliott couldn't get us the win? Sorry to say it, but that's who he is. That is why he was picked last overall in the draft, and that's why he will never be a true #1.

Also, sorry to say it, but the overtime winner was Alfie's fault. He was lazy on the back check and left Duchene alone and that sunk us. Oh well, at least we got the point and earned 3 out of a possible 4 on this roadie. Going into it, we all would have taken that right?

In all honesty, the Sens played pretty well tonight and were let down by some shabby goaltending. Gee why does that sound familiar?

Thoughts on the game?


Anonymous said...

Blaming Alfie on the winner is completely discounting Kuba's uselessness, as well as that of Elliott. God forbid Kuba plays the body, or perhaps doesn't bite at the blue line on an incoming forward. And the there's Elliott with his ass practically in the net on that one. Cut the god damn angle down.

Anonymous said...

I thought that for the second time this week Kuba did not backcheck hard on the game winner (both goals in OT too). If you watch it Philips is giving it all he has, and Kuba just stops....I cant figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Let's get it over with and sign Nabokov. He and Leclaire would be a pretty decent tandem.

Anonymous said...

Elliott has been awful the last 3 games that he's played. He looks nervous, unsure and doesn't cover the post well leaving dangerous gaps. On straight shots he stays too deep in the net like he did when he was at his worse and goes down much too quickly leaving the top of the net completely open. With a 5 goal cushion there is no way he should have lost that game.

Kuba is playing badly but unfortunately none of the other guys have shown they can absorb the minutes. Gonchar is no picnic either. Whoever plays with him is in for a rough minus night. Gonchar is not what was advertised. He gambles at the wrong time and is too slow to recover. Age will only make it worse over the next 2 1/2 years. I don't know who advised him to go after Gonchar but Murray got royally jobbed on this deal. I'd fire that adviser in a minute even if he is a relative. If you play Lee in place of Kuba then someone else will have to move up to take the minutes. Every time they change the time ratio the other guys play worse.

This team can't seem to get their goalies and scorers to play well in tandem.