Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sens Struggle In Montreal

The Sens came back to earth again tonight, losing 4-1 to the Canadiens in a game that has coem to symbolize their season thusfar. Too many stupid penalties, failure to convert their chances, and an abumdance of soft play. The Habs walked all over us again tonight, skating circles around us, and making us look like a minor league team yet again. The lone goal came on a nice play that was finished off by Nick Foligno. Other than that, it was a sad night all around and it's becoming harder and harder to watch this team with each game that passes.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Kuba is AWFUL. I can't stand him. I'm so tired of his soft, passive play when he's 6ft4. I wish we had of traded him when we had the chance at the deadline 2 years ago.
  • Our whole defence is slow and soft. It's so hard to watch.
  • Can we ever score more than a goal or two to help our goalies?
  • Will we ever learn to not take dumb penalties? Bad teams can't afford to take them and we are bad.
  • Will Spezza or Alfie ever score again?
  • Fisher is driving me insane. He is awful. If he's hurt then sit out period. I'm tired of the excuses.
  • So disappointed in general with the team. No heart. No passion. No urgency.
  • I expect a trade soon. This can't be allowed to continue.
  • I hope Regin is back in the lineup asap. Butler isn't good.

The way we played tonight, no one wins the night, which is becoming somewhat of a trend around here lately.

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Thoughts on the game?


stefffizzzle said...

on the plus side you guessed the exact score :P

and spezza's pass was the awesome.

Anonymous said...

I really think the time has come to rebuild. We might have some good defensive prospects, and Karlsson might one day learn to defense.

We need to trade anybody we can while they might still have some value. I also think that BM has to go.

Anonymous said...

There are problems everywhere but just to list a few.

The Captain has slowed down. He's late on the plays and rarely wins a board fight for the puck. At his age it's expected so he should be playing fewer minutes on the 3rd line. Get him off the top line he's hurting Spezza's game. Alfie will have an occasional good game over the rest of the season but that shouldn't fool anyone into thinking he's back. Heck, even Kelly scored 3 goals in preseason before his recent hat trick so anyone can have a good night.

Michalek has disappeared. He can't handle passes or fore check.

Gonchar is much slower than advertised. What a defensive liabilty and he's no peach on offense either. That is a gross overpayment that will haunt the team for 3 years. Karlsson makes similar mistakes but as a young guy learning the ropes he can be excused.

I hate what Clouston did with Buller. It's hard enough for a young guy to succeed but to put him on the wrong wing and expect him to play well is ridiculous. They should bring up at least 2 more guys from the AHL Locke to play with Butler and Hale for Kuba.

If the Sens are planning a trade it had better involve at least 5-6 of the older current roster Sens. No prospects or young guys should be traded.

In general the team is slow and lacks energy. It seriously needs an infusion of big strong skating youth The fore check stinks so If they have cap space I'd also bring up Zack Smith and O'Brien. They can waive some high priced non performers if they have to make room on the 23 man roster for the call-ups.

Don;t expect the fans to pay to watch this mess the rest of the year.