Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Gift To You

While the Sens fell just short of clinching a playoff spot last night with ATL and NY winning, there is little doubt that we will make the playoffs. It's a question of when, not if. Well playoff tickets go on sale to the general public on Saturday at 10am, but come on, you know I take care of my readers. If you wanna get them early, I've got the hook up for ya. Starting on Wendesday March 31st at 10am and going until Friday April 2nd at 5pm, I've got the link and password to buy tickets early for all you loyal Sens Town readers.

To buy tickets early click here and the password is ALLIN

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sens Out Cap The Caps

In the game day preview, I predicted another exciting game and said I wouldn't be shocked to see us win, but it was another exciting classic tonight. We jumped out to a 3-1 lead, only to surrender 3 in a row and be down 1. I'm not gonna lie, I was losing my shit a bit. It looked like we were about to collapse, Spezza to the rescue. What a game he had, with 2 goals and 2 helpers.
Brian Elliott looked a bit sketchy on a few of the Caps goals but made some big saves down the stretch too. Erik Karlsson was a mixed bag, another game with 3 assists, including a great pass on the OT winner to Kovalev, but also took 2 penalties again that cost us. But the rookie will learn, seems we have something special. I admit it.

Thoughts from the game:

-Sure was nice to see Kovalev on the scoresheet again, esepcially with such a big goal

-Unfortunately the Thrashers and Rangers won, so we didn't clinch a playoff spot yet

-Theodore is awful

-Man can the Caps ever score

-Sketchy calls again tonight, about 3 high sticks missed that would have benefitted us

-5 wins in a row, man are we ever streaky

-Even in a different jersey, I sure hate Corvo

Thoughts on the game?

With his 4 points, Jason Spezza wins the night

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

GDP #77: Sens @ The District

It's a battle of Capital's tonight, as the Sens are in DC to take on the league's best team, in what should be a very exciting matchup. The last time these 2 teams hooked up here in Ottawa, it was a classic. Expect the same thing tonight.

When playing the Caps, we all know what to watch out for by now. They have the game's most exciting and best player in Alexander Ovechkin, plus Mike Green, Semin and a bunch of other good players. That's why they're number 1 right now. There weakness is goaltending, where it's unclear which one of their mediocore goalies will get the nod tonight.

On the Sens side of things, there's lots going on. Anoton Volchenkov will sit out after taking that big hit to the neck from Any Sutton, so Brian Lee suits up instead. There was talk of newly signed NCAA player Bobby Butler suiting up, but tonight won't be the night, although we now know he will wear #16 for the Sens. Look fro Brian Elliott, fresh of the 1st star of the week, to get the start.

Predicition: Sens always have a tough time in the DMV area for some reason and this year, the Caps are a superior team as well. I wouldn't be suprised if we got the win, but I don't anticipate it. Caps win 5-2. The streak ends at 4.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Signing Day

It was a big day in Sens prospect news, as the Sens made 4 signings today. Bryan Murray signed NCAA top goal scorer Bobby Butler to a deal, then signed stud goalie prospect Robin Lehner, as well as stud defensive prospect Patrick Wiercioch and also Eric Gryba. There is also a possibility of Jared Cowen joining the Sens depending on when his WHL season ends.

Should be a big boost for the farm team and possibly the big team as well. Great job by Murray today.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Elliott NHL's #1 Again

For the 2nd time this season, Sens netminder Brian Eliott, was named the NHL's 1st star of the week. Elliott went 4-0, with a 1.00 GAA, stoping 116 of the 120 shots he faced. Kind of surprising for a marginal starter to be named the NHL's top star twice this year, along with a 2nd star as well, when there was much debate if he's good enough to even start for us. Nonetheless, it's quite an accomplishment and it's no coincidence that our win streaks have coincided with his strong play.

Congratulations on the accomplishment Brian.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

CK Hits 400

Shoutout goes out to Chris Kelly, who last night played his 400th career NHL game against the Florida Panthers. Kelly, who is in his 5th NHL season, all with Ottawa, has 15 goals and 17 assists, good for 32 points this year. That's pretty solid for a defense first type centre who plays on the 3rd line. As much as I get on him sometimes, he does earn his salary with those type numbers for sure. Congratulations on the milestone.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Connect Four

The Sens dominated and didn't score, then fell behind, then had a 2 goal lead, before nearly losing it, but managed to pull off a 3-2 win against Florida, to make it 4 wins in a row. It was a fun game to watch, a lot of scoring chances, a lot of phsyical play and some questionable reffing yet again. In the end, we got another big 2 points and then 8 we've gotten in the win almost assures us of a playoff spot now.

Thoughts from the game:

-Alfie scored his 20th of the season, the 12th time in his career he's hit that milestone

-Karlsson had 3 points, good offensive game for the rook.

-Elliott was solid again

-Good to see a fairly lively crowd

-Speaking of Karlsson, how did he get a penalty when he was trhwon down to the ice after being tripped? 2 mins for being cheap shotted I guess.

-Sutton was a beast again.

-Alexei Kovalev, paging Alexei Kovalev, where are you?

With his 3 assists, Erik Karlsson wins the night

Thoughts on the game?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

GDP #76: Sens V Florida

The Sens are back it tonight, in back to back games, trying to make it 4 in a row, as they take on the Florida Panthers @ 7pm at SBP. This is one of only 3 remaining home games, so let's hope it's a sellout again and full of a great atmosphere.

After a mysterious one game absence, Alexei Kovalev draws back into the lineup, meaning Ryan Shannon will be watching from the press box. Filip Kuba remains out, as does Shean Donovan. Brian Elliott, fresh off that 41 save performance last night, will get the start again tonight. Thomas Vokoun will be in net for the Panthers.

Predicition: The Sens are finally pretty healthy (minus Michalek and Kuba) and are back to playing as a team again. The Sens take out the overmatched Panthers and make it 4 in a row, with a 5-2 win. Spezza, Kovalev, Karlsson, Ruutu and Sutton get the goals.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Sens Continue To Own Sabres

The Sens made it 5 for 5 this season against the division rival Buffalo Sabres, doubling them up 4-2. For whatever reason, we own the Sabres and I for one can't get enough of them. Their fans must throw up every time they see us on their schedule. Outstanding! Things got a little dicey there at the end, but we got the 2 points. The win streak hits 3. Ahoy!

Thoughts from the game:

-Fisher didn't even deserve a penalty, let alone being kicked out, horrible call

-Weird to see Alfie awarded that goal at the end, haven't seen one of those in awhile

-Amazing shot by Regin

-How did Karlsson miss that empty net, raise the puck kid

-Spezza dazzled with some great individual skill and scored his 20th

-Elliott was solid

-Chris Kelly had a solid game and chipped in with his 15th of the year, very solid for a defensive player

-Was I the only one who was worried when the A-train took that shot to the face?

Chris Kelly wins the night as my player of the game


Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy 23rd

A very happy birthday shoutout going out to Brian Lee, who turns 23 today. The defenceman, originally selected 9th overall by the Sens, has split time between Bingo and Ottawa this season and recently re-signed with the club. With that new scratch in his wallet, he sure can get himself something nice for the big day.


Friday, March 26, 2010

GDP #75: Sens @ Buffalo

Some of you may be wondering what's up with the picture. Well I took it last year at Ralph Wilson stadium in Buffalo. I think it sums up the city properly. They have to put signs so that people don't pee in the sinks. All class!

On to the game, I'm in a rush tonight sorry. Here's the Cliff's Notes:

-Kovalev hurt and out, Shannon is In
-Elliott Starts
-Sens look to continue their dominance against BLo.

Prediction: Sens make it 3 in a row and win 4-3, but there will be some fights and hard hitting action.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Sens Get Shoutout On 30 Rock

Who's the coolest team in Canada? Montreal? Toronto? Sure seems to be the Sens these days. We had Hilary Duff, we now permanently have Carrie Underwood and last night on the Emmy award winning show 30 Rock, the Sens got a big time shoutout, with our home arena, jersey, scoreboard and of course the Ottawa Senators themelves all being mentioned and shown. Ya we're pretty much a big deal. Love the Sir Coulier reference.

Suck on that Leaf and Hab fans!!!!!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

“Hello Ottawa, I guess I can consider this a hometown crowd” -- Carrie Underwood

Nice quote by Ms. Underwood. Way to get the Ottawa fans on your side, smart, very smart Carrie. The Mayor has warmed up to you over the past year.

The reviews from her "hometown" show last night are in, and they seem to be pretty positive. Of course good ol' #12 was there watching with his family, along with 8,400 others. I'm not quite sure if that's a good or bad crowd. Forgive my country music ignorance. The CULV12 licence plate is a bit much though Carrie.

All in all I'm sure her fans had a great time and NO I did not attend, so stop asking me Underwood fans. If you're a fan or not a fan, it's always nice to see someone embracing our city as their home, so shoutout to Carrie for that.

Hopefully she inpsired her beau for the stretch run and playoffs, because we could certainly use the 1st half of the season Fisher anytime now. For those who wanna see more of her from the show, peep the photo gallery.

Sorry to go all Page Six on you loyal readers but this is a Sens related story whether we like it or not and many people do ask me and email me about them, so I cater to what the readers want sometimes. That's what happens when you have off days and we're coming off back to back shutout wins, hard to complain about anything for now.

Anyways, welcome back to Ottawa Carrie, hope you had a good show in your new home town.

Still waiting for my interview Carrie....I have a feeling I'll be waiting awhile.

Thoughts? Come on Underwood fans, let me have it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

City Of Womanly Hate

This one goes out to all those complaining, sissy Philly fans, who have been whining like a little girl with a skinned knee since last night's game. You were the Broad Street Bullies for Christ's sake. Suck it up you pansies.

1) Volchenkov's hit on Carcillo was legal, there was no elbow, as proved here by the good folks at Silver Seven.

2) You got a penalty on another clean hit by Sutton, because he is a montser, so that cancels out the Volchenkov elbow, if there was one, which there wasn't. And you have Pronger, perhaps the dirtiest player of all time on your roster, nuff said.

3)Gagne turned his back last second and he still was pretty much hit from the side. Sure the hit was violent, but last time I checked this wasn't ringette. Turning your back like that, basically unfairly entitles you to the puck and puts you at risk of being hit from behind. That's a risk you take, so suffer the consequences of the A-Train. Way to take it like a man Gagne.

4) There is NO conclusive angle whatsoever that shows that puck going in sorry, and even if there was, which there isn't, you were still down a goal. You wouldn't have won anyways.

So call the Waaaaaaaaambulance Flyer Fan, Suck It PHILLY!!!!!!!!! Don't make us whip your ass again in another playoff series or in another brawl, we know how both of those turned out for you.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jersey Foul 59

Scotty doesn't know, that Sens Army and me, make fun of him every time we see this. He thinks he looks so cool, but we always just shake our heads. Scotty doesn't know, so don't tell Scotty.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Deja Vu, But In A Good Way

Now that was an interesting game to say the least. It had it all and came down right to the end, where the Sens managed their second straight shutout victory, 2-0. Brian Elliott definitely deserved this one too, making many nice saves and the team as a whole at least played hard. The crowd was pretty into it as well and their plenty of big hits to keep everyone happy. In the end, we got another much needed 2 points and in the process, beat the 2 teams that were chasing us. Good to see the team react in such a positive manner.

Thoughts from the game:

-I have never ever seen a 7 minute powerplay in my life, let alone us not scoring during it.

-Sutton was a beast again tonight, I'm a fan so far.

-Gorgeous shot by Kelly tonight, beating Boucher high.

-Karlsson sure is a great skater and passer but his decision making is still questionable.

-Thought that Ruutu, Kelly, Neil has good games.

-Foligno won't be mistaken for Heatley anytime soon, wiffing on that one timer.

-A sellout tonight, good to see always.

-Shoutout to the RSA for keeping it loud throughout the game as usual.

-Seems Volchenkov is back on track. He had a few monster hits tonights.

So back to back 2-0 shutouts, not much to complain about. On to the next one.....


Oh ya, Brian Elliott wins the night.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GDP #74: Sens V City Of Brotherly Love

The Sens are back at it tonight, fresh off a shutout victory over division rivals Montreal. The Sens played a decent game and finally caught a few breaks perhaps last night. Erik Karlsson and Andy Sutton both had great games on the blueline for us and Elliott was good when he had to be, picking up the shutout.

Tonight we take on the Philadelphia Flyers, a team who sits just 2 points behind us in the standings, though they did just suffer a major loss, with Jeff Carter being injured for at least the remainder of the regular season and 1st round of the playoffs.

There will be no changes to the Sens lineup, which means Elliott starts in goal and that Kuba, Michalek, Shannon and Donovan are all out of the side, while Zack Smith will be playing again, which I am excited about obviously.

Tonight is 1 of only 4 remaining home games left, so if you don't have your tickets come out to the game, let's make it a sellout.

Prediction: The Senators started their last amazing winning streak with a 2-0 win over NYR, the same score as last night. We are also fighting for playoff position with Philly, so it should be a game full of passion on both sides. I say the Sens continue their streak tonight, winning 4-2. Kovalev, Spezza, Smith and Neil score.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Michalek Out A Fort Night

Good news/ Bad news scenario for Milan Michalek today, as it was announced he will be out for 2 weeks, but won't require surgery to repair anything. So he should be back for the playoffs, assuming we make it. Zack Smith will continue to take his place in the lineup.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Sens Win! Sens Win!

Wow, I forgot how nice it feels to win, especially in Montreal to silence all those annoying Habs fans. It wasn't an easy win though and if there's any team who can come back quickly, it's MTL. But alas, we got the win, ended the streak and got the very big 2 points, winning 2-0. Tonight's game was the 100th all time meeting and the Sens now lead the series 48-47-5.

Thoughts from the game:

-Brian Elliott gets the shuout, bye bye Pascal Leclaire for this season

-Andy Sutton was a beast all night, great game

-Karlsson scores and has a great assist for Regin's goal, good night for the kid

-Pissed me off that Fisher took that selfish penalty

-I'm surprised that Kovie didn't show up more

-We still took way too many penalties tonight, need to be more disciplined

On to SBP and Philly tomorrow night in another important game.

Erik Karlsson wins the night as my player of the game


Monday, March 22, 2010

GDP #73: Sens @ MTL

It's always a big game when the Sens and Habs play. Partly because of the distance between the 2 teams, partly because we're in the same division. But tonight is even bigger then usual, for us at least. Coming into the game, both teams are tied with 79 points after the Hans went on a 7-2-1 run, while at the same time, we went 2-7-1 over the same span.

Tonight is the time to stop the bleeding. In fact, going into today, we are only 3 points clear of a playoff spot. WE could be on the outside looking in if we don't change things around and quick. The Habs will get a boost with Mile Cammelieri returning to the lineup for the first time since the A-Train ran over him at SBP, which should help out termedously for them.

For the Sens, Ryan Shannon, Shean Donovan and Milan Michalek will all not play, but Zack Smith will and I couldn't be happier, he's just what we need. Brian Elliott gets the start in net.

The lines for tonight will be:


Prediction: It sure is hard to pick the Sens over the Habs tonight given the way the 2 teams are playing right now. We're ice cold and the Habs are red hot, but we can't lose forever can we, can we? Kovalev will be motivated tonight and the Sens love playing in MTL. I say the Sens win finally 4-2 and at least momentarily, silence the critics (myself included).


Monday, March 22, 2010

Required Viewing For The Sens

With the losing streak out of control and our season fading fast at this point, the Sens should be watching this classic speech from Al Pacino in "Any Given Sunday". If this doesn't get them fired up, nothing will. Just a little pump up for you on a Monday afternoon. No matter how many times I've seen it, it's always amazing.

Let's Go SENS!!!!!!!!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Euge Cashes Out

Senators owner Eugene Melnyk, no longer has ties to Biovail, one of the major companies that made him wealthy. According to a press realease, he has sold all remaining shares and given up trying to win the company back.

Maybe with the extra money he now has, maybe SBP can get hot water and a new scoreboard? It is 2010 after all, doesn't seem like we're asking for that much. Wishful thinking I suppose.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Got My Wish

On Friday, I wrote this. On Sunday it came true. Coinicidence? Probably, but glad to see young Zachary back in the lineup. He will help spark the team and will be playing in MTL tomorrow, home of his 1st ever NHL goal, which was a beauty by the way.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Close Isn't Good Enough

The Sens made it 5 in a row and 8 of 9 this afternoon, falling to the Stars 5-4. Another awful effort minus Spezza, who chipped it with a hatty. The Sens had a chance to tie it with a 6 on 4 powerplay near the end of the game, but didn't seem to eager to shoot, like they were in the 1st period or something.

Pascal was pulled AGAIN! Can we go ONE game without our goalie being pulled?

Only bright side is we scored 4. Ths is getting really pathetic, we can fall to 7th tonight if the Habs win their game. Things are not looking good at all.


Friday, March 19, 2010

The Video Is In

I know the quality sucks, but you do get the added benefit of a fanboy going crazy with his own commentary, so that's a bonus.


Friday, March 19, 2010

B-Sens Goalie Scores To Seal The Deal

A big Sens Town shoutout goes out to Binghamton Senators goalie Chris Holt, who tonight became the 10th AHL goalie to score a goal and only the 6th to actually shoot the puck in himself. Along with the rare scoring touch, Holt almost managed to get the win against the Rochester Americans 4-2, very impressive. Congratulations on the milestone. At least we have soemthing to cheer about now, for one night.

ps-no footage as of yet but if/when it becomes available I will post it.

Thoughts on the very rare accomplishment?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bring Back Zack

Things are pretty bad in Sens Town right now, I think we can all aree on that much. I think we could also agree that effort has been a problem as of late. So I propose we bring back Zack Smith for the stretch run. You know with him, effort is never ever a problem.

Let's face it, the kid is nice on his skates. I mean how pretty was that goal in MTL. Now I know he isn't a top line scorer that will single handedly save our season, but he might make a positive difference. He does have 14 goals and 23 assists, good for 37 points this year in Bingo, to go along with his 94 penalty minutes in 62 games. Pretty good for a 21 year old if you ask me.

I just really like his style of play and really what damage would it due at this point? It could only help right? So get it done BM, bring back Zachary and get the team back on track, though I know this won't happen.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good News, Bad News.....Mostly Bad News

The good news: We scored more then 1 goal.

The bad news: Everything else.

Giving up 3 in the 3rd is pathetic. This team has now lost 7 of 8 since the Olympics and are fading fast. I don't even know what to say anymore. It's getting old and I'm tired of saying the same thing over and over again. This is not a pro team at the moment, it's amateur status til I see a severe change in attitude and performance. If there weren't so few games left, I'd say we might miss the playoffs, hell we still might if we don't get it together quickly.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

GDP #71: Sens @ ATL

Can we label this one a must win? I think so. Since the Olympic break, the Sens have lost 6 of 7 and now incredibly, Montreal is only 1 point back of us. I say we need these 2 points as bad as we've need 2 all year.

The good news, is that allegedly Mike Fisher and Filip Kuba will be back in the lineup, which means we will be completely healthy for only the 2nd time this season. Pretty crazy when you think about it in those terms isn't it?

Brian Elliott gets the start again, after in my opinion, letting in a few sketchy goals against Toronto. Hopefully he gets his game back together, as we need him to step it up for the stretch run.

To have any success, you also need a powerplay, which we don't have and it's getting very troubling. I keep waiting for them to snap out of it, yet it never happens.

Prediction: We can't keep losing forever right? RIGHT? God I hope not. I'm gonna keep pick em to win until they do. Sens win 3-1.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jolly Green Giant and Kimberly

St Patrick's Day aftermath for many of you and no you're not seeing things, well maybe you are, but still, that is a Giant Leprechaun you're seeing with Kimberly. Just a little post St Patty's Day shoutout to all the readers on a slow day, GDP coming soon.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

IRISH We Were Playing Better

Happy St. Patty's Day goes out to everyone. Don't get too drunk to the point where you do something stupid, but DO get drunk to the point you forget how bad we are playing at the moment.

-The Mayor

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 Masks, 0 Worked

The 3 faces of Brian Elliott from last night's game. He was forced to change from his regular one after a Phaneuf shot broke it. Then went to the Darth Gerber one but that didn't work, so he went for a Strom Trooper look. All 3 sucked, as the Sens fell to the Leafs 4-1. If only masks were goals, oh wait, we still would have lost 4-3.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


And the Senators shit the bed yet again. It's becoming a running theme. They do know the Stanley Cup wasn't awarded in February right? What a pathetic showing in a game they needed to win. I'm really disappointed in the team tonight. This is not good at all.

That is all for now, I'm too pissed.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

GDP #70: Battle Of Ontario

The Sens return to the friendly confines of SBP tonight, eager to erase the mmeory of another awful western road trip. Luckily for the Sens, they face one of the league's worst teams in Toronto. Unlucky for them, is that Toronto has won the last 2 against us and will always play hard against Ottawa.

But let's face it, everyone is really gonna be tuning in to see if Orr-Carkner 5 pops off or not. I say yes and that Orr gets his ass handed to him, if it's a fair fight that is, unlike last time, when Orr jumped on him and had him off balance taking advantage of numerous shots before Carkner had a chance. Oh ya and then oh so tastefully gav ethe SBP faithful a 3 finger salute. Karma will get him back tonight.

But seriously, back to the game. It appears that Brian Elliott and Jonas Gustavsson will be the starting goalies tonight, thought it has yet to be confirmed.

It is believed that Nick Foligno and Chris Campoli will both be back in the lineup, while Mike Fisher will be sitting out with a case of missing scoring touch. Kuba is still not ready to return, with another mystery injury that appears to take forever to heal, or he's just a pansy. I'm going with the latter.

The lines for tonight are a bit intersting but I don't really mind them actually:

Predicition: This is a tough one. The Leafs have beaten the Sens in 2 straight and the Sens are coming off one of their worst game's of the season. We can't score, we can't play with heart and we can't be consistent, which is never a good look. On the other hand, the Leafs are garbage and we should be able to beat them, especially when we need the 2 points so badly. Is it me or is Phil Kessel the only Leaf capable of scoring? The problem is the Leafs are out of the playoff picture (AGAIN) and don't even have a 1st rounder to look forward to, so this is kinda like a Leaf Nation Superbowl. Despite all that, I think the Sens have revenge on their minds and win going away 4-1.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Roger's House Telethon Today

Just a reminder to everyone that the annual Roger's House telethon is tonight, starting at 6:30pm on Sportsnet. If you don't have time you can donate through your celly. Just text Sens to 45678 for a $5 donation and Senators to 45678 for a $10 donation.

Of course this is always a great event and I urge you all to donate what you can, every little bit can make a huge difference in someone's life. We all know that Sens Army is a very generous fan base, so I'm sure the end result will be a lot of money. To see all the details click here

Monday, March 15, 2010

Reinforcements On The Way?

With the Senators in full out free fall mode since the Olympic break, there is some good news to report. It looks like Nick Foligno and Chris Campoli will be returning to the lineup tomorrow night for the Battle of Ontario. Just in time as Brian Lee has struggled and the team as a whole has struggled to score. Let's hope Nick is back as we definitely need the 2 points tomorrow night.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

In Case You Missed It

I know some of you didn't catch the game since it was on late night. For those of you who did miss it, or for those of you who just wanna see it again, here is the beautiful end to end goal by Jason Spezza. The one highlight from last night's ugly performance. I personally think it's one of the goals of the year and definitely the Ottawa Senators goal of the year. Just a gorgeous bit of individual skill from one of the league's top guys.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sens Don't Show Up

Ironic this latest pathetic effort took place in the home of the Olympics, since it was the Olympic break that derailed a once promising season, losing 5-1 tonight. The Sens have now lost 5 of 6 since the season started again and their one win came against the worst team in the NHL.

The game was so bad, I don't really have much to say, poor effort on all fronts. No one really played well, although Snoopy did make some nice saves at points. Outshot 17-2 in the 1st period pretty much says it all. About the only good thing was Spezza's gorgeous end to end goal.

Thoughts from the game:

-Our pp continues to struggle.

-Our road game continues to struggle, only team in the playoffs with a sub .500 record

-Kovalev was lazy and slefish tonight

-Still wondering where Mike Fisher is?

-Chris Neil was out Chris Neil'ed in the post fight celebration

-Karlsson is trying to do too much, cost us that short

-Phillips had one of his worst games as a Senator

-Volchenkov may regret turning down that 5 year deal, he's looked awful since the Olympics

Bascially right now, I'm just disgusted at the play of the team. Back to lacking heart, taking stupid penalties and being lazy. It's really sad to watch, esepcially for a late game. Just really, really unimpressed in general.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

GDP #69: Sens @ Van City

The Sens are back at it on Hockey Night in Canada, taking on the Canucks tonight at 10pm eastern. This will be Van City's first game back since their record setting road trip, one that saw them travel more then 21,00kms. No doubt the crowd will be amped up to welcome Bobby Lou and the rest of the team back to the garage.

On the Sens side, Chris Kelly draws back into the lineup after missing Thursday's game. Not really a huge deal, more of a frustrating one. Filip Kuba remains out, with an injury that is clearly more serious then they are letting on. Rumor has it that Pascal Leclaire will be getting the start tonight, let's hope he lasts more then 6 mins this time.

Prediction: The Sens are coming off a pretty bad game against the Flames and have had trouble scoring as of late. Couple that with one of the game's best goalies and the crowd being jacked up to welcome their team back and this might be ugly. If we can jump on them early and silence the crowd, then we have a decent chance, provided our goaltending isn't a problem, though with us you never know. Sens win 3-2.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Leclaire To Turn To Skiing?

Apparently so, according to the Ottawa Citizen, who mistakenly put up a picture of skier Erik Guay(click the picture to enlarge), in a story about Pascal Leclaire starting tomorrow in Vancouver. It's now 2pm, let's see how long it takes them to fix it. The over/under is an hour. Just another example of professional journalism at it's best. Happy Friday everyone.


Friday, March 12, 2010

1000 Bumps and Bruises For Volchenkov

Shoutout is going out to Anton Volchenkov for registering his 1000th career shot block in last night's loss to Calgary. We all know the A-Train is a warrior and this just proves it. He has lead the NHL in shot blocks since 2005-06 and is the first Senator to reach 1000. Congratulations on the milestone Anton. Only question now is will he be doing it here or somewhere else next season.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

GDP #68: Sens @ Flames

The Sens are back at it tonight, hoping to make it 2 in a row when they take on the Calgary Flames at the Saddledome at 9:30pm eastern.

Calgary has been a bit of a decent streak as of late, winning their last 3 contests. Seems that those big moves they made before the trade deadline are panning far. Looks like a battle of two pretty good teams tonight in Alberta. Look for Miikka Kiprusoff to get the start. The Flames will be wearing their awesome retro's from the above picture.

For the Sens, Brian Elliott gets the start again. Filip Kuba is still out, while Chris Kelly missed practice but is expected to still play. Other then that, no lineup changes are expected from the game on Tuesday.

Prediction: The Sens haven't been playing well as of late and always seem to have trouble in Calgary. Adding Kipper to the mix doesn't help and the Flames are on a roll. Unfortunately for the Flames, the Sens win a tough one 4-2.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jersey Foul 58

Nicknames on jerseys is always a bad look and this is no exception. With the way he's been playing lately and with his contract demands, this might be the last season the A-Train serves Ottawa.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mo Head Shots, Mo Problems

So the other day it was a hit from behing on Kelly, tonight it was a cross check to the head/neck of Chris Neil, Thursday in Calgary, who knows. Why the NHL only hands out 2 minute minors for these ridiculous acts is beyond me. Time to set an example and suspend people. These aren't hockey plays, they are attempts to injure.

So for all of you scoring at home, they can change a rule overnight if they want to (see Sean Avery's sticking waiving against Martin Brodeur, making it illegal out of nowhere), yet they can't seem to change rules for things that actually matter and cause injuries.

I just don't get the NHL. It's getting old.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Workmanlike Win

It wasn't particularly pretty, but the Sens ended up beating the worst team in the NHL 4-1, after a 3 goal 3rd period. We managed to turn it on when we had to, which is good news I guess, but we didn't look so good the first 2 periods. But after 3 straight losses, I'll take the W however it comes. Brial Elliott was great but not spectacular, but he didn't have to be, as the Oilers struggled to muster much offense all night.

It was a win, nothing spectacular but 2 points is 2 points, so book em and on to Calgary.

Thoughts from the game:

-Some sketchy reffing yet again tonight.

-Was pretty quiet in Rexall place, sounded more like the ACC

-Good to see Michalek get a goal again

-Good to see Fisher score too, he had a much better game tonight. Shoutout to everyone from the comments of the Fisher piece.

-Erik Karlsson looked good again, he's a great skater, but still holds on to the puck a bit too long sometimes. He'll get over it, he's a rook

-Andy Sutton looked pretty good tonight, he will come in handy in the playoffs.

-Cullen is looking better each game.

Thoughts on the game?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

GDP #67: Sens @ Deadmonton

The Senators start their Western Canadian swing tonight, as they take on the Oil, in what should be considered a must win for the Sens. We've lost 3 in a row and 4 in a row would be disasterous, especially when the Oilers are the worst team in the NHL.

The Sens are recovering from a flu bug going around the team that forced us to play shorhanded against the Leafs and to cancel the season ticket holder even they have scheduled for Sunday, but all appears to be ok for tonight so far.

There was talk that Snoopy might start but it's been confirmed that Elliott will get the start in net. Kuba remains out and no one cares. Hopefully we can get some goals and some confidence back tonight and start our roadie with a good showing.

Game is at 9:30pm eastern. I will be on here live watching the game, so come through and drop comments in the comment section and follow me on a Twitter throughout the game.


Monday, March 08, 2010

Engagement Hangover?

Now I know things aren't always as they seem, it's just easier to act that way, but something is up with Mike Fisher. It's not so much that he's slumping or scoring at a lesser rate, as we've all seen how streaky he can be over the past years. Hell it's not uncommon to see him go 15 without potting one, but is it just me or has his game almost disappered since he became engaged to Carrie Underwood? The numbers are not his ally either. Let's look at the facts shall we.

They announced they're engagement on December 21st, 2009. Prior to that date, Fisher had played 33 games. In those 33, he had 15 goals and 14 assists, good for 29 points, or .87 points per game. To go with that impressive streak, he had 4 game winning goals, was a plus 10 and had a point in 20 of those 33 games. He was having the season of his life, even getting consideration for Team Canada, although he ultimately didn't make it. The point is he was killing it, finally earning his 4.2 million annual salary and having everyone in Ottawa and the NHL singing his praise.

Not only was he scoring, which was a very nice plus, but he seemed to have a renewed passion and love for the game. I've never been a huge Fisher guy, but no one would ever accuse him of not working hard. Early this season however, he was blowing everyone's expectations out of the water and was slowly finishing his chances that in previous years he had failed to do. He was always a hard worker but a frustrating player as well, but things were finally coming together for him. He was a favorite to be a finalist for the Selke even. And then he was engaged.

Now I am not a fan of criticisizing a players personal life, it's none of my business really, unless it affects their on ice performance that is. Now I'm not saying it's the engagement is the sole reason he is struggling. Perhaps he has a lingering injury or perhaps he's just simply reverted back to the player he always was and gone on a patented Mike Fisher cold streak. I'm not around the team everyday, I can't say for sure either way. But what I do know, is the numbers do not lie.

Since he dropped an alleged quarter mill on that ring for Carrie, his numbers have been sinking faster then Jay leno's ratings. Peep the stats. Since #12 has been off the market, he has played a comparable 31 games, scoring a measly 5 goals and adding 11 assists, good for 16 points. Those 16 points in 31 games is good for .51 points per game, a big decrease from the .87 he was averaging before they became Fisherwood officially. Unfortunately for Fisher, the bad news doesn't end there either. In those 31 games, he had 13 games with a point, compared to 20 in the first part of the season and was a minus 1, instead of a plus 10 and had 2 game winning goals, instead of 4 earlier. Basically, his numbers are down by half.

I could even live with the decrease in points if his play was still strong but it just isn't. He is barely noticeable anymore out there and when I do notice him, it's usually for the wrong reasons, like a pass he couldn't take or losing the puck or letting someone skate around him. Even when he used to not score, he was always a presence at least but not as of late.

I don't know the reason why this is happening and I don't pretend to. Maybe he's hurt. Maybe media pressure or wedding details are getting to him. Maybe he's had to adjust to having a full time girlfriend around more. Maybe he's tired from having to fly to LA for the Grammy's or Nashville to see her. Whatever the reason, I just want him back to his first half self, because let's face it, he is one the keys to our success and we need him to be at his best.

All I know is his game has disappeared and he needs to find it fast. If anyone happens to find it, please return to the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club immediately.


Monday, March 08, 2010

Lee Signs New Deal

In a somewhat surprising move, the Ottawa Senators announced today that they had resigned blueliner Brian Lee to a 2 year contract extension. Lee, who is 23, was set to be a free agent on July 1st. It had appeared he had fallen out of favor with the organization after failing to live up to expectations of being picked 9th overall in the draft, and spending most of this season in the minors.

While not being overly impressed with Lee, I thought that perhaps he was better then he was given credit for and deserved to play in the NHL. I am happy with the signing. No word yet on the dollar amount or if it's a 1 or 2 way deal. One would assume it's a way 1 way deal or he wouldn't have signed so early.

Happy to see him back in the fold or hoping he would have been traded in the offseason?

Monday, March 08, 2010

Doing The Lords Work

Ah yes, another successful conversion of a Maple Leaf fan coming to his SENSes and joining the mob known as Sens Army. Can't really blame him. The only question I have is what took ya so long?

In typical Leaf fan style, he was wearing a jersey of a player who no longer plays for the team. With such ugly gear, it's no wonder he was signing up to get some fresh new Sens swag to finally feel some pride when he leaves Ontario. I salute you sir. Hopefully this will catch on and more and more join the better team in the province. Remember Leaf Nation, 4 years and soon to be 5 with no playoffs and 42 and counting with no cup. Just a not so friendly reminder.

Spotted at the Battle of Ontario at SBP.


Sunday, March 07, 2010

So Apparently Cross Checking From Behind Is Now Allowed

The NHL and the refs are ridiculous. How they continue to say nothing is wrong and how they continue to miss so many obvious calls is just pathetic. In any other profession you'd have consequences and they would be announced too, not protected like the mafia.

Last night, TWO refs missed a blatant hit from behind that could have crippled Chris Kelly. Not only should those type of hits be 5 and a game, suspensions should follow, esepcially for someone like Phaneuf with a history of that type of hit. (click the pic to enlarge)

Now before anyone says maybe the ref right near the play was blocked and didn't see it, what about the other ref? Isn't that why we have 2 now? Kelly had the puck, it wasn't out of the play or anything. I mean gimme a break.

How long must this go on before someone gets killed? I'm just tired of seeing non calls that 2 years olds can make.


Sunday, March 07, 2010

Flu Strikes Again

Why is it when we suffer the worst from the flu that we happen to play the Leafs? Last night and of course the infamous Flu Game from years back.

The flu is so bad right now that the Sens cancelled a season ticket holder event scheduled for today, which sucks because I was attending but I'm sure they will reschedule.

Hopefully they get better soon for their west coast swing soon because they can't afford to lose 5 or 6 in a row.


Saturday, March 06, 2010

3 In A Row.....In A Bad Way

The Sens made it 3 for 3, losing yet again to another undermanned, under talented team. Flu bug aside. the excuses are getting old and only scoring 1 goal against the Marlies is brutal.

Awful game all around.

I don't know if the players were feeling themselves too much or what but if they don't pick it up soon, they will be a 7 or 8 seed real quick.

Things don't get any easier as we go out west next week where we struggle quite badly.

Hopefully we get it together asap. Poor Alfie who missed the game and can no longer hit 1000 this year, ooops!

Thoughts on the scrimmage?

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Zack Smith Recalled

One of the mayor's favorite up and comer's will be in the lineup tonight, as Zack Smith has been recalled from Binghamton due to the flu bug that has been going around the Senators dressing room. It will be awesome to see him suit up again, I think be brings a lot to the table. Hopefully he has a good game and stays up the rest of the year, I think we could really use his speed, skill and passion down the stretch.


Saturday, March 06, 2010

GDP #66: Battle Of Ontario @ SBP

The Senators are back at SBP tonight, taking on the hated Toronto Maple Leafs, hoping to avoid a 3 game losing streak. The Leafs look more like the Marlies after all the bodies they've shipped out in the past few weeks but the Sens will have their own problems, with a flu bug going through the team. They aren't even sure how many players might not play or how many might have to leave during the game, which is not good. Someone cue up Owen Nolan for him moment to shine again.

With that in mind, I'm not even sure who is playing. Rumor has it Ruutu, Regin and Elliott will all be out tonight, meaning Pascal Leclaire will most likely be in net tonight, which I think is a godo thing. Important to go back to him tonight and not shatter his confidence completely.

Predicition: With not knowing who's playing or how we will react to being shorthanded, it's hard to predict a score. The Monster is reportedly starting for Toronto and they do still have Kessel and Phaenuf and a few others and they always get up for playing the Sens. For some reason I don't see this going well. We all remember the flu game from years ago and I see a repeat. Sens lose tonight to make it 3 in a row after the break, 4-2. But Leclaire plays well.


Friday, March 05, 2010

You Got Served

It's been awhile since I've posted a celeb sporting some Sens gear, since July actually, so I figured it was time. Here we've got R&B singer Omarion sporting an awesome retro Senators lid from back in the day (click on the picture to enlarge). Not gonna lie, I had this one when I was younger and wish I had another to rock now, it's dope.

Thoughts on the sweet lid?

To see what other celebs have been spotted rockin Sens gear, hit the Celeb archive here

Friday, March 05, 2010

600 Helpers For The Captain

Last night's game was pretty awful by all accounts, but at least some good came out of it, as the captain got his 600th career assist in the loss. He is on schedule to play his 1000th career game on April 10th against the Buffalo Sabres, the team he scored his most memorable goal on.

With the point, Alfie is now 28 points away from 1000 career points as well, with 17 games left to play. He'd have to go on quite the hot streak to get there this season but this is Alfie we're talking about. If anyone could do it, it's him.

Congratulations again to the franchise, the captain, the legend that is Daniel Alfredsson on the milestone.

Thoughts on the accomplishment?