Sunday, January 30, 2011

ASG Wrap Up

So the 2011 all star game is now over, and Ottawa is up next year, so time to wrap up the weekend as it pertained for the Senators. To be honest, there wasn't much action for young Erik, as he may as well been almost invisible this weekend.

On Friday he was picked last amongst defenceman, on Saturday all he did in the skills competition was make a few one timer passes to Zdeno Chara and giggle about everything Daniel Sedin said to him, though he did score a pretty sick shootout goal before not getting a shot off in round 2. And today during the actual game, he had zero goals, zero assists, good for zero points and an even +/- in 20 mins of ice time.

Basically he was invisible, but still a good experience for the youngster, even if he didn't get to suit up next to his idol in Lidstrom. Don't worry, he will get his chance to play against him on Wednesday when Detroit plays at SBP.

Thoughts on Karlsson's ASG weekend?

UPDATE @8:12pm - The weekend was not a total loss as young Erik got some pub as the picture for Deadspin's ASG coverage open thread.


Anonymous said...

yep, pretty much what i expected. Not that it's a bad thing, I bet it was a good experience for him. Hopefully it will be his first of many ASGs.

He strikes me as a quiet guy, so most of the time I was wondering what he was doing off the ice.

When someone (CBC?) had a little interview with him, they asked why he chose to come out for the morning skate, and his answer sounded something like "well, so and so (some of the swedes, the sedins maybe?) were coming out, so I kinda just came along." I got the sense he got a lot of talking swedish done this weekend.

Anyways, fun stuff!

Amélie said...

He did score a nice shootout goal in the skills competition(against Tim Thomas no less). I definitely wasn't expecting that!

Anonymous said...

all i can say is that it was pretty painful to watch chara win the hardest shot competition ... damn you muckler!