Friday, January 07, 2011

Blown Away In The Shootout In The Windy City

The Sens suprised us all tonight, by playing a pretty solid road game in Chicago, battling back to tie the game at 2's with only 85 seconds left, before ultimately falling in a shootout, losing 3-2, and bringing their OT record to a dismal 0-6 this season. This should come as no surprise to anyone who follows the team, but we failed to score in the shootout, while their stars (Towes & Kane) buried both thiers. And that is the difference isn't it? Other teams stars play like stars, while ours don't. That's why they're the champs, and we're not making the playoffs.

The game started well enough, when the Sens had really nice powerplay movement, that ultimately ended up with an Alfie goal off the one timer. It was the type of play I had envisioned when we signed Gonchar in the offseason, but those plays have been few and far between.

The turning point was Erik Karlsson's horrendous 3rd period giveaway to Kane of all people, who proceeded to skate in and score on Elliott, who had a pretty solid game, but I felt the Kane goal was stoppable.

Either way, it was point earned that I had not anticipated us getting, which is good and bad, depending how you look at it. It was good in the sense that we got an extra point to help out slim playoff hopes, but I know many of you were hoping for a horrible loss, so the process of the Clouston/Murray firing would be sped up. Don't worry, with Tampa and Boston upcoming, I doubt you'll have to wait long.

All in all the Sens surprised me with a decent effort, which goes to show you how far we've fallen. We used to measure success with a Stanley Cup championship, now we're happy with our millionaire team actually trying.


With one goal and one assist, Daniel Alfredsson wins the night.

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