Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Entertaining L

For those of you who watched this game, it was proof that you can lose and still have an interesting and entertaining game. For those that didn't, you missed out on a 2nd consecutive solid game. We all had fun, scored a few and kept up our prime draft position spot. All in all not a bad nights work right?

The Flyers lept out to a 3-0 lead, before the Sens rallied back to make it 3-2 before the end of the 2nd period. They headed into the 3rd with some hope, before letting up 3 to make it a 6-2 final. Most shouldn't really be surprised as Philly is the league's top team points wise. I predicted a 5-2 L in the GDP, but 6-2 is close enough.

The game turned very chippy in the 3rd and produced numerous fights, sort of in the mold of the infamous March 5th, 2004 game between the two teams that produced an NHL record for PIM's. Not quite as crazy as that one, but it had it's moments and you know what, it was entertaining as hell.

Sens played hard, Sens were entertaining, Sens lost = a win for draft position. I couldn't have asked for much more tonight. Sometimes a loss is as good as win, tonight is that time.

Thoughts from the game:

  • Brian Elliott is awful. I hope he enjoys is last 34 games as an NHLer. He won't be back next year. Every game he lets in a few horrible goals. Tonight was his TENTH loss in a row.

  • The refs were subpar tonight. They missed several questionable hits that should have been Sens pp's.

  • Michalek scored again. His speed is returning. Things are looking promsing for him.

  • Foligno had sme nice hands on that 2nd goal, nice to see him be rewarded.

  • Shannon trying to fight was commendable.

  • If Briere is going to use his stick as a weapon and slash people, he needs to step up and be a man when he's challenged to a fight, especially when it was 5'9 Ryan Shannon asking him.

  • When did Philly become such pansies? Shelley embarassed himself by walking away from Carkner tonight, which Carkner blamed for the ensuing foolishness that amrred the last 6mins.

  • Zack Smith was all over the ice tonight causing trouble, I loved it.

  • It was funny hearing Denis Potvin say it was a cheap shot and he lost respect for Girouz after he tried to hit Winchester. It wasn't a cheap shot and since when can you not hit someone? I would have lost some respect for Potvin if I had any to lose, he's horrible at his job and has to go.

With one goal and one fight, Nick Foligno wins the night.

Thoughts on the game?


Anonymous said...

"For those of you who watches this game, see you can lose and have an interesting and entertaining game. "

Way to start out on a real low note with that brain-buster of a sentence.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous at 10:24, If your going to give him a shot, at least quote him properly...

His sentence actually made sense and differed from your dicrepid version...

Don't drink and post dickhead...

Anonymous said...

Is Potvin always this bad? Giroux's hit was not a cheap shot, but him getting jumped just after that was. Of course, Potvin (sucks) never made mention of that.