Monday, January 10, 2011

Gonchar Card + What We Learned

You may be wondering what it is you're looking at it. Well no wonder no more, as I managed to get ahold of a copy of the Gonchar family Christmas card courtesy of reader Chuck. I have to say it's so cheesy that it's awesome. The forced smiles, the awkward poses and the painting the Sens gave him for his 1000th game in the background. Overall it's an A+, though at -18 and on pace for only 38 points, not sure what he has to be thankful for. Oh wait, 16.5 million dollars.

-Sad news for former Senator Anton Volchenkov, as his father Alexei passed away. All the best to the A-train at this difficult time. As most of you know, he got his tough as nails attitude from his dad.

-Is this good news or bad news? Well it's news at least. For all of you hoping for a rebuild, here comes news of Murray being told to dump salary.

-Shoutout to Erik Karlsson, who played in his 100th career game on Saturday night.