Friday, January 28, 2011

Karlsson To Team Staal

Well the All Star Game draft was tonight and our very owbn Erik Karlsson went27th overall, the last defenceman picked as expected, selected by team Staal. That means he went to the team who will be sporting the white and red team jerseys, the only one's the Sens were selling. As I mentioned the other day it's a bit fishy, but nothing crazy. Just getting my conspiracy theory on.

Just before the draft took place, young Karlsson gave an interview. To see what he had to say click here.

As many had joked since the format was announced, Phil Kessel of the Leafs went last overall, but was rewarded by the NHL with a 20g charity donation in his name, as well as a new Honda car. Since when do we reward losing? Except when Bryan Murray is handing out contracts that is.

Thoughts on the night?


CC said...

Nice jab at GMBM

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thought you might like this if you haven't already :