Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Monsters May Exist In Ottawa Sooner Than Any Of Us Want

Ok everyone, brace yourselves. Now for the time being, this is just a rumor, and I do stress that it's a rumor as I don't like just throwing crap out there, but I have been hearing more and more that Bryan Murray will be fired on Thursday or Friday and that none other than TSN's Pierre McGuire will be taking over the GM duties for Ottawa.

Take it with a grain of salt if you want, but I've been constantly hearing this and it is NOT going away at all. I'm already talking myself into him as our next GM, and remember, he was next in line for the Minny job this summer and has previously worked for the Sens.

My take is how could he be any worse than Murray at this point? I don't care for his over the top boradcast style, but you cannot criticize his hockey knowledge. The guy knows every single player on planet earth and that couldn't hurt when trying to convince players to come here as UFA's right? I know, I'm reaching.

For now it's just a rumor............for now. From what I've been told, the idea around SBP is that if Murray isn't coming back next year anyways, why delay the inevitable and allow Murray to screw up the future even more or the trade deadline yet again by trying to save his job one last time. I have to say I completely agree.



Anonymous said...

Just get murray out now! We need a new GM so he can familiarize himself with this group, and then trade them at the deadline. I've said it many times, we need someone who has no history or loyalty to this group, because they suck and we need a fresh start. Keep Karlsson spezza and find Alfie a contender so he can finally win. Thanks for your time to all the rest.

Anonymous said...

I think Pierre would be great , who wouldn't want someone with his knowledge and passion .

Anonymous said...

I say keep alfie, spezza, and karlsson.....the rest can go for picks and prospects.

french said...

Ull all retards, please never post again. Murray is one of the better drafters in the NHL. worst case Murray should be demoted but used to help draft and give GM duties to someone that would be better at trades such as Tim Murray. If Pierre comes to Ottawa we will become the laughing stock of the NHL. I want the team to go on a rebuild through the draft and build around our youth, and i believe that it will be beneficial to our club if Brian Murray is involved in it.