Thursday, January 06, 2011

Now That's A Team You Can Cheer For

While watching Team Canada's stunning collapse last night, something hit me. After getting over the shock that we had actually lost after being up 3-0, another thought entered my mind. I couldn't help but think, man I wish the Sens had 10% of that fight and heart in them. Now before I am criticized heavily for that statement, yes I am aware that such a lofty comeback is extremely rare, and I wish to assure you all that I'm not just playing the result.

You see, I couldn't help but think what if the Sens were down 3-0 in the 3rd, what would they have done? My conculsion was they probably would have let another one in to make it 4-0, before scoring 1 or 2 and then allowing another for a 5-1 or 5-2 final. The Columbus half comeback not withstanding, the Sens usually fold faster than Superman on laundry day.

It seems to happen so much now it's almost routine. The Sens start out the game with a tiny bit of fight, give up a goal or two and then fade away, almost looking as if they can't wait to get it over with. Not exactly a team you're dying to spend your hard earned money on to go play right? And that's part of the problem with the Sens this year.

I think all of us understand that we are not a good team this season, and most of us are ok with that. What we are not ok with, is the lackluster effort and heart being shown in almost every game this year. And that's when the little light bulb in my brain went off. People are willing to cut you a lot of slack as long as they know you're legitimately trying your best and are working hard. What the people of Ottawa are not however, are fools. We know that despite whatever the players and coaching staff are claiming, the players are not playing hard.

Who would have thought that a team of teen Russians would have made me long for the effort they gave, instead of the one pro millionaire players in this city are giving this season. One thing is for sure, it made me nostalgic for the days of the early 90's Sens teams. Sure they were awful, nearly record breaking awful, but you know what they had? They had heart and were a team you were proud to call your own.

I hear we're looking for a new coach, maybe Rick Bowness is available.


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Anonymous said...

This post pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly.

I will probably still watch every game of the season though. I just might go to a lot less games that I would if they were winning.