Saturday, January 08, 2011

Same Old, Same Old

Stop me if you've heard this before. The Sens lost another winnable game, after not being able to score. You have? No way.

The tried their best I suppose but their best is far from good enough, giving up 2 crappy goals in the 3rd to lose 2-1 to Tampa. I have to admit they're getting tough to watch. They seem to have the skill of an AHL team, at best, and when I say that, I mean no disrespect to any AHL team who may be reading this.

This game was not memorable in any way, shape or form, and that's the problem. it's just another so so game in the middle of a long season, which isn't giving Sens fans much hope. With each loss, our slim playoff chances get a little farther away. The team as a whole is getting very frustrating to watch.

Other thoughts from tonights game:
  • Im'm kind of surprised by the attendance of 19,968.
  • Mike Fisher left the game with an injury. I know it can't be serious, because that would make me too happy.
  • Next up is Kuba hopefully.
  • I know the coach was trying to reward them for their hard work tonight and all, but you don't put all 3 of Neil, Shannon, and Winchester on the PP when trying to tie up a game. Then again, anytime you can have 7 combined goals from 3 players on the ice at one time, you have to do it don't ya?
  • Downie is one of the cheapest players in the league, and proved it again tonight.
  • Has anyone checked Kovalev's pulse to make sure he's actually still alive?
  • How did Michalek miss that empty net? Should have known better to expect back to back games with goals. My bad.
  • I thought Phillips had opne of his best games of the year, which isn't saying much.
  • Good to see Zack Smith score.
  • Elliott was decent, but not great, though he was horribly out of position on the first goal.
  • Did we even force Roloson to make one tough save? I can't remember one.

With the only goal of the game for the Sens, Zack Smith wins the night.



Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Roloson made some gigantic saves. And if it wasn't for him the Sens would have won this one easily. I think the effort was there for sure. Just couldn't score. You need to cheer up man. You're cracking. Just cheer for your team without being so fucking cynical it's pretty lame

whalethewise said...

I agree with you :
1. On Mr. Underwood (Fisher). Carry probably sucks life out of him.
2. Kuba. i hate the guy. We need to ask coach to Sit him down

I disagree with you:
1. I agree with previous poster, Roloson was huge actually.
2. With empty net it is Smith Winchester and Shannon almost scored I believe. They had very good game and coach did right so they probably played good minutes. They outplayed all 3 Tampa lines I think :)

My 2 cents:
1. Lee had good game. Actually 3rd decent game.
2. Regan should give up #13. Doesnt work for him.
3. Bad but we dont have good forward prospects. D - yes, F - no.
4. I dont think Sens shoud resign Philips.
5. Man what is going on with Gonchar!

Keep it up. It is ALMOST over :) but ALMOST is a keyword. When it is over I will still be at the games (look and Laughs fans) and cheer for Sens. You probably too :)

When they sit Kuba and start scoring they gonna go on hot streak and make playoff :)

Anonymous said...

Just a few random thoughts...

I know people are hating on kuba pretty bad this year but in his defense we gotta keep in mind that he broke his foot in the first game of the season and this has heavily impacted his foot speed. He clearly isn't playing at 100% He was much more effective last year, the only flaw i saw in his game was the lack of physicality... eitherway i'm sure murray tries to move him at some point since we have so many young D comind down the pipe.

Sens should try to move michalek... when we first got him i thought he was a steal at 4.33 mil locked in until 2013-2014.. but the guy has NO hands... not to mention he's got 2 fake knees.. who knows how long he will last... and i hate to say it.. but, he's not a first line player.. theres a reason San Jose played Settoguchi and Clowe in front of him...

Also, i expect Phillips will be dealt to montreal since MTL just lost georges and need another D man. Plus, Phillips is a Gauthier draft pick, not to mention Martin holds him in high regard.

As for the past 2 games, i thought the sens played very well... we just can't score.. it's as simple as that. We definately kept up with Tampa and Chicago, there just a lack of confidence going around with this team but the effort has been there the past couple games. Anyways, keep up the good work!

french said...
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Anonymous said...

Draft Pick! Draft Pick!