Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Sum Of All Fears

So before the Senators boarded their plane to Chicago this afternoon, Bryan Murray had some answering to do. It has been a week filled with wild rumors and accusations, and BM was to set the record straight and add some clarity for everyone. But knowing the Ottawa media, you just knew they'd lob softballs at him and wouldn't press him for real answers. True to form, this was what Murray had to say today, as you can imagine, nothing was resolved, as per usual.

-Murray denied the Steve Simmons report that he had tried to fire Clouston around a month ago, until Melnyk nixed that. Then again, what is he supposed to say while Triple C is still behind the bench, plus it would make him and the organization look foolish if he admitted it was true.

-When asked if CCC would still be the coach at the end of the year Murray had the most telling answer: He said he couldn't say yes because he truly didn't know.

-With regards to our goalie situation, it's rumored Murray is trying to land us a true No 1, but if the weekend games go poorly aginst the Blackhawks and Lightning, he said we could be seeing Robin Lehner playing for the big club.

-Phillips said he had a good meeting with Murray, but if things don't go well in the next 4 weeks, expect the Big Rig to be asked to waive is NTC. My view is unless he is willing to sign for cheap and less years, Phillips is playing his last season in Ottawa. He is -15 after all.

-Speaking of people being asked to waive a NTC, I'm hearing the Sens may also ask Mike Fisher to do so if things don't improve. I for one would love this, as I'm not a fan of his cap hit or inconsistency. Also, though not his fault, the lack of criticism he recieves is mind boggling. He's also on pace for his lowest point total since his rookie season.

-Pretty much every NHL source has stated that Murray has been trying to make a trade desperately, but that no one will deal with him, and that the only truly safe person on the team is Erik Karlsson. Apparently everyone else is available for the right price, which I suppose would include Alfie. Interesting.

So that's it from the big press scrum today. Not much was accomplished, but I didn't have big expectations going in. To make the playoffs we'd pretty much need to go something like 25-17 the rest of the way, which is not happening. So expect the rest of the year to be a circus, as has become customary in Ottawa the past few years.

Let's just hope we make the necessary moves at the deadline that don't set this franchise back even more.



Anonymous said...

He could of aleast faked confidence in Clouston. Instead of saying he didn't know if he'd be there the rest of the season. C'mon Bryan the answer should be " That's the plan we believe we can turn this around and he's a valueable part of our team".

Anonymous said...

You are the worst Sens blogger. Pretty misleading the way you wrote this out. Half of it is what Murray said, and half of it is stuff youve heard on twitter mixed together. We all follow the same sources. If you are using stuff from twitter you need to diferentiate between who said what.

JamesCCFR said...

Agreed w/ the first Annonymoose (thats right...moose)commenter about BryBry. Is someone slipping Murray truth serum every time he steps in front of the mic? The way he handled the whole Spezza situation put me over the top. Ive been 50/50 on Murray the last few years but his last couple of, granted, challenging positions he's been in, he has totally tipped his hand. Again and again he does this. If its a tactic I do not understand it. Why not just go to bat for Clouston and take some of the pressure off the organization? I dont get this guy.

french said...

I like most these comments, if philips was to stay in ottawa i think he should only get payed under 2mill and that would not happen. Every sens fan loves Alfie, but personally i want to see him lift lord stanley before he retires and that wont be in ottawa. Fisher will not lift his NTC because he bought land just outside of ottawa and is building a mansion on it.

Anonymous said...

how many coaches have we gone through in the past 3 years? The problem ain't coaching... it's awful signings... Lets stop signing old vets and let the young guys play... it's better to watch a young team develop then watching veteran's decline.

The Mayor said...

I have to agree. We're not going anywhere anyways and not like we're losing that many tough 1 goal games.

Most of the time we're losing by a big margine, so i'd be more inclined to cheer for guys who are young, fast and are HAPPY to be in the NHL, not vets who take it for granted.

Hungry players is good watching and it def is more fun to watch a team develop. Watching a shell of a team we used to have is awful with the lack of speed and intensity we currently have.