Monday, January 24, 2011

What We Learned Today

It was a semi big day here in Ottawa, as Eugene Melnyk gave his first interview it what seems like forever. He's calling for a one year rebuild? Someone might wanna check him into a mental health centre with the way he's been acting the past little while. Nevertheless, here are some things that we found out today.

-Daniel Alfredsson will NOT be traded. He will retire as a Senator player.

-If you want to listen to the Murray and Melnyk interviews, you may do so by clicking here and here.

-Mike Fisher does not have a no movement clause as most seem to believe. He does however have a limited no trade clause, which means he may submit a list of 5 teams he will not accept a trade to. So there's hope we might be able to move him.

-Jason Spezza skated with the team for the first time in several weeks right now.

-Bryan Murray will stay on with the Sens after this season as a senior consultant.

Thoughts on the happenings of the day?


Anonymous said...

I believe the "senior consultant" part was found to be BS (at least as it was reported in that one article, not that I won't happen). Murry was quoted as saying he wants to stay as the GM (again, whether that will happen or not......)

Anonymous said...

i hate Murray !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If the Sens are going to move Fisher, wouldn't it be nice to send him to Nashville? They surely can give us back some good young players and they could use a guy like Fish. Besides, i think it would be a classy move from the organization with Carrie Underwood living in NSH and all. I wonder if they even might take Bryan Murray to live with them, tou know, to be Carries tour manager or something. Even if that whole thing might end with a bunch of old russian guys in the mixer booth.