Thursday, February 24, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Alexei Kovalev Traded To Pittsburgh

This sums up Kovalev in Ottawa. I've been saving it all year for today.
The tenure of the very frustrating Alexei Kovalev has come to an end with the Senators, as he has been dealt to the Pittsburgh Penguins. In return, the Sens recieve a 7th round pick, that can turn into a 6th rounder if the Pens win a playoff series and Kovalev plays in 50% of those games it turns into a 6th. Kovalev had to waive his NTC in order to return to Pittsburgh.

On a personal note, I have to think Murray dropped the ball on this one. Why didn't he wait until the trade deadline on Monday to see if he could get a bit more for l'artiste. I wasn't expecting a 1st rounder or anything, but surely he could have gotten some desperate teams a bit more into a bidding war for the very talented, yet frustrating Kovalev and gotten us a 3rd or 4th rounder instead. How is it that Pittsburgh continuosly robs the league in trades?

You're telling me Pittsburgh or some other team in need of scoring wouldn't have still taken him off our hands on Monday for a 7th rounder? I actually would have preferred keeping him for that return so we actually have an NHL regular or two in our lineup for the rest of the season. Not that impressed by this move by Murray, even though Kovalev's time here never really worked out, he still is our 3rd leading scorer and should have brought us more than a 7th in my opinion.

And here's a little prediction for you. Kovalev will go on a tear and play very well in the playoffs for the Pens, driving us all insane and making us thinkg, all we got was a 7th for him? We were screwed. Murrrrrrrayy!!!

Today is his birthday, so happy 38th Alexei. He got the best present of all, getting out of dodge.

Thoughts on the trade and return of Kovie?



Anonymous said...

He had a NTC, so he probably hand-cuffed Murray to very few options

The Mayor said...

this is true - ive heard he would only waive to go to Pitt or MTL - so that would limit our return

Anonymous said...

have you watched this guy for the last 2 years? he's a useless piece of crap and has a terrible attitude.just finding anyone to take his ridiculous salary is a huge win for murray, regardless of what he got, you get his poison attitude out of the dressing room and away from the young players on the sens. Nobody else would have wanted anything to do with him. it's amazing murray was able to move him at all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's called a no trade clause. Look into it. He got to choose where he wanted to go, which severely limits his value. Plus the fact that he's washed up. Here's a little prediction for YOU: Kovalev continues to be the lazy piece of shit we all know and love (hate), and destroys the Penguins from within. They may win a round, but I bet he hurts them more then helps them.

The Mayor said...

clearly you didnt see my early comment, look into it

SIMMAN said...

If he had waited there might have not been a market for him. Zherdev who is talented, younger, cheaper and faster has gone unclaimed for just the waiver price. It is clear that there was a very limited or nil market for him or players like him. Murray is under orders to shed salary and this saves more than $1m. Svatos will fill his spot for the remainder of the year.

The Mayor said...

Kovalev will play with Crosby and Neal apparently - i could see him doing quite well with that compared to Regin/Shannon/Foligno he was playing with here.

Anonymous said...

Kovalev is a useless scummy russian and one would think that if any franchise would steer clear of those it would be ottawa. Why we signed him in the first place is a total mystery.

FU AK27, I have no problems with a 4th vs 7th rounder just to get rid of you. We have so many 3rd and 4th rounders in our system and we still suck. In fact I like this move bc we'll be even more shitty and potentially able to grab that number 1 or 2 draft spot.

FU AK27 and FU Murray for signing hinm in the first place. If memory serves me you coulda signed Gomez and Gianta that summer but Montreal beat you to the punch and you got stuck with this $5 mill/yr dirt bag.