Sunday, February 27, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Phillips Re-Ups For 3 years/9.25 Million

This Phillips situation has been tough on everyone. It's now over.
The other day I told you this would happen, and tonight I was proven right. Most of us were hoping he would be traded for assets for the rebuild and come back July 1st. Most of us were prepared to bring him back for around 2.5 per year. He got 3.08 million per year, which many will not be happy with. So in the end I was right, but I say that begrudgingly, as I was hoping I would be wrong and he would have left, but my source was correct.

In the end Bryan Murray does what he always does and caves to the hometown guy, giving him too much money. The more shocking part to me is that he was also given a full no movement clause (NMC). I can't believe he is going to put up with this same stiuation in 3 years again. Very frustrating.

Let's hope this means that he somehow has a buyer for Kuba.

Thoughts on the Phillips signing?

UPDATE @ 11:58pm - Nick Kypreos has info on the NMC Phillips recieved. Basically he has a limited NTC in the 3rd year, which means he probably gets to provide them with a list of 5 teams he will accept a trade to.



Boobs said...

More money than I like, but it's not like it matters with our cap situation.

To be honest, it probably isn't a bad idea to have some leadership around. This only makes sense if we can get rid of one of Kuba/Gonchar/Campoli/Lee. And I'm ok with that that (though, I'd like to keep Campoli).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like Phillips, his career is not done, and like the first poster said, we have plenty of cap space so it doesn't really matter how much he got.