Monday, February 07, 2011

Daugavins To Latvia?

Daugavins at Madison Square Garden during his lone NHL game - Jan 14th, 2010

In what seems like a bit of a weird move, it appears that the contract of Binghamton Senators player Kaspars Daugavins has been bought out by Latvian club Dinamo Riga and he will play there next year. Dinamo play in the KHL and Daugavins is of course Latvian, playing for them at the Olympics last year in Vancouver.

As of right now it appears to be half rumor and half confirmed, though nothing official from the Sens yet. It was a bit tough to understand the article, because of course my Latvian isn't as good as it used to be, but through translation, it said they had been negotiating for awhile and that he should be there this summer.

Perhaps the Sens were willing to cut ties with Daugavins as he hasn't really shown significant progress in his development and that his stock has dropped in the oraganizational priority of prospects. In his defence he does have 31 points in 46 games this season for the Baby Sens.

Thoughts on Daugavins reportedly moving on?


Gunset said...

In a recent interview to Latvian media Daugavins stressed that he is ready to spend long time in AHL as long as he will have a chance to play in NHL. That said, that interview was made prior the news of Dynamo Riga buying out the rights on Daugavins from the Nyzhninovgorod Torpedo (KHL) who had drafted him last year. I think the story is similar with Martins Karsums (previously with B Bruins and TB Lightning). As soon as he learned he will not make it at the NHL level he jumped across the ocean to Dinamo Riga (KHL). I wonder if the next guys in line are Arturs Kulda (Atlanta Thrashers) and Oskars Bartulis (Philadelphia Flyers)?

Anonymous said...

Nope, Kulda and Bartulis both are NHL material. Bartulis has already established himself as a solid stay home defender, but Kulda still has huge potential inside him.

Latvian said...

Dinamo Riga haven't bought out his contract. The thing is, there's a prospect draft in the KHL (a pretty worthless idea by the Russians), so KHL clubs can secure rights to players who would want to choose to play in KHL instead of NHL or AHL. The rights to Daugaviņš belonged to Torpedo Nizhniy Novgorod, so if he would leave Senators for KHL, the only place he could play would be Torpedo. Dinamo Riga are hoping that he will come back to play in Riga for the next season (just like Karsums did), so they made a trade with Torpedo and secured the player rights, that's all for this moment.