Friday, February 25, 2011

What I've Heard: Phillips To Re-Sign

I am not saying this is 100% official, but I did some digging, talked to some people and from what I've heard, it appears that Chris Phillips will sign an extension sometime tomorrow most likely. If what I've been told is indeed true, I doubt many will be very happy with the new contract. Not only will we be missing the return of a possible Phillips trade that could net us some excellent assets for a rebuild, but the deal will be for more money than most people wanted if he was to re-sign. I've heard it will most likely be a 3 year deal for around the same money he's making now, which is 3.5 per year.

I will update when I learn if it is indeed 100% confirmed or not. I personally like Phillips, but not at the rumored term/price. I'd personally prefer to see him moved at the deadline, and if he wants to be in Ottawa so much he can return July 1st.

I don't get the rush to sign him today. If he won't waive his NTC, then we still have to July 1st to decide if we want him back, no need to rush into it and give it to him today. All I know is if he does re-sign, there better be no way in hell Murray gives him another NTC, so we aren't in this position again in a few years.



Anonymous said...

Dude,I also hope you are wrong....

I like Phillips but he will be way over paid at that price...

I hope they trade him and bring him back in july on the cheap!

Anonymous said...

I've been defending Bryan Murray with friends who think he should be fired but if Bryan rushes to resign Phillips for that kind of term and money then how can anyone believe he is serious about improving the team. That would prove what many are saying that the Sens are poorly managed. Please Bryan do not make another Kovalev and Gonchar mistake!

Anonymous said...

How did the Sens go from wanting to dump this guy to suddenly he's refusing contract offers and now they are negotiating????

His agent must be a genius. He has Bryan Murray confused about the plan and actually upping the dollars and term for a guy they don't really want to keep.

Cheaper D who score in their own net can be had from the waiver wire why negotiate with a proven loser.

This is nuts. End these ridiculous meaningless negotiations. Tell him he's gone whether he waives or not and will not be resigned in Ottawa!!!