Monday, March 21, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Sens Re-Up Anderson For Four Years...Yes FOUR

The Senators just announced that they have re-signed goalie Craig Anderson for four more years for 12.75 million total, which comes out to a 3.1875 cap hit average. In other news, Bryan Murray has lost his fucking mind, more so.

Here's my gut reaction to this. I like Anderson, I do, and he has played extremely well in his time here, but four years and at that price? WTF! He made 1.8 million this year, and we almost double his salary after 15 games, and lock ourselves in for 4 years. Shocking, even for Bryan Murray.

What about Robin Lehner now? What about if Anderson struggles (he's hardly a sure thing)? Didn't we just learn this lesson with Pascal Leclaire basically? I barely even know what to say.

Basically we are buying at the highest possible point known to man. Why are we even letting Murray make these moves that can screw up your team for years, when he's supposed to be done at the end of the year? Here's a prediction, Murray keeps his job and gets a new contract this offseason, book it!

I don't mean this as any kind of hate for Anderson at all, I like him a lot and I like how he's played so far, but that's all it is, so far. At least I wasn't the only one thinking it's a bit crazy, but hard to imagine he wouldn't have signed this deal closer to July 1st. That's all for now, I'm in disbelief at the moment. And oh ya, you know there's a NTC or NMC in there for sure, that's Murray's M.O.

Thoughts on the signing?



Anonymous said...

According to Anderson himself in his interview, there is NO NTC clause in his contract, so that option is always there down the road.

Anonymous said...

relax dude, remember if this works out and anderson provides decent numbers, murray did trade for him out of the blue. Cap hit is not that bad + no trade clause. Anderson turned down 2.8 mil in col. don't worry he knows his value.

Anonymous said...

Love the signing...there is no NTC or NMC, that means when Lenher is ready...we can cash in one one. Going to buy a jersey tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

If it was three years, I don't think you would be as upset. With an Anderson-Lehnner combo, total cap hit for the goalies will be about $4M. Leclaire's hit alone was $4.5 if I recall correctly. I don't think the contract is that bad, and if you figure the team won't be near the cap anytime soon anyway, it won't really hurt the team that much if he's a bust, other than they would need to looke for a new goalie of course...

Anonymous said...

I concur.

Murray must be hanging out with Charlie Sheen or something....

Term is the worst part of this deal. The money is a close second. What is Lehner supposed to think?

I know I'm alone in thinking Lehner is currently ready to play everyday but to think he is 4 years away from being #1 is nuts.

Lay off the crack Murray!!
(next we'll see the 'snes' replaced with 'winning!')

Anonymous said...

See this is why I want Murray dusted, this deal is too rich for a guy who LOST HIS JOB in Colorado and was bounced 2 months later to another club. Too rich and too long.

BUT, if CA can get us back to the playoffs next year (not likley even with Crosby on our roster) or the year after then Murray looks like a genius.