Monday, March 28, 2011

Deadspin Not A Fan Of Sens In Game Entertainment Choices

The front page of Deadspin earlier today featuring the Senators
It seems the massive sports gossip site has taken issue with some of the musical seclections being played at SBP, namely "Friday" by Rebecca Black at Friday's game against Washington. I don't care for the song, or the cheesy performers for that matter (as I've previously mentioned,  notice it's the same guy), but I really don't get the outrage or reason to mention this.

Is the song played out? I don't know. I don't listen to Hot 89.9 or Much Music and thus don't care and/or know what teeny bopper music is the song du jour so to speak, but this seems to be making a problem out of nothing. The fact that this song has 62+ million views is the troubling part to me. People actually like this song? I feel sad for music. The guy dropping the verse must have had his street cred go through the roof after this video. This is a pointless post but cool to see the Sens on deadspin nevertheless.

Is deadspin overreacting?


Anonymous said...

Dude i was at the game and i was like this guy is getting paid for this ! it was staged common and he really sucks !!At the end he did the same thing with Dont stop believin !

Anonymous said...

the reason the song has 62+ mill views is cause its SO BAD. people watch it to make fun and talk shit about the horrible lyrics and all that jazz