Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bringing Down Your Property Value Sens Style

It's sping time, well it should be at least despite the horrible weather the last few days, but for most, spring is a time to clean up and improve your household. Looking for something new to spruce up the crib? Don't worry, the NHL's got you. Now you can rock a massive jersey flag of the Sens and bring down your property value and draw the ire of your neigbors at the same time. Is there anything the NHL won't sell out and try and sell to fans? Apparently not.

I could see wanting to have this up during a nice playoff run or something, but otherwise it might look a bit silly. Even weirder, the product makes no mention of the specs of this eye sore. Is it 5 x 5 or 100 x 100, no one knows apparently. Luckily for us, the NHL made these for every team and this wasn't a Senators decision.

Save yourself the $109.99 and get yourself an actual jersey people.

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Anonymous said...

haha, free shipping for non-playoff teams! I knew there was an upside to not making it!!