Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cory Clouston.....You're Fired

Former Sens Coach Cory Clouston with GM Bryan Murray in happier times
Possibly the worst secret in hockey was finally fufilled this evening, as Cory Clouston was relieved of his duties as head coach of the Senators. Someone had to be pay and be accountable for this trainwreck of a season, and it wasn't going to be GM Bryan Murray, who has now gone through 3 coaches in 4 seasons with him as GM, hardly a spectacular record, but with a fresh 3 year deal in hand somehow.
Yet for some reason, he manages to keep his job and is even re-upped, while Clouston and the rest of the coaching stuff are on the unemployment line as of today. Also fired were assistants Brad Lauer and Greg Carvel, who finally met his demise after outlasting several head coaches.

In many ways I feel Triple C didn't deserve this fate, but it seems that BM the GM has carte blanche, and someone had to pay. So Cory, off with his head!

Best of luck to Cory Clouston in the future, I'm sure the good people at Le Chateau and Mexx will be moruning your departure and massive business you gave them with your awesome shirt and tie combos.

Thoughts on the firings?

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rossmillsap said...

I really can't give a valid argument against the firings but I can give one against Bryan Murray keeping his job. I seriously am wondering how Murray was able to keep his job.