Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Draft Lottery Tonight

Tonight is the start of the Sens offseason, with the 2011 NHL Draft Lottery taking place at 8pm on TSN. This may not seem like a big deal, but it could be franchise altering. By the end of the show, we will find out where we will be drafting in June.

Due to our season ending strong play, we have moved down from dead last at one point and a certain top 3 pick, to 5th last overall. So what does that mean exactly? It means we still have a chance to move up to get the #1 overall pick, but it's only 8.1%, so don't hold your breath. All I'm hoping is that we move up at least one spot into the top 4 so we're able to grab one of so called big players. For your odds info click here.
So who are we hoping to get?

Well yesterday the NHL released its final player scouting rankings, so take a few minutes and browse the guys and check out some of the top prospects. I was hoping for Landeskog, who is a Sens fan, but I doubt he goes past pick 2, so unless we move up, we're out of luck. And THAT is why it was foolish to start Anderson so much down the stretch, especially once he was re-upped. If we hadn't of played so well, we would have been in much better draft position. Let's just hope the ping pong balls bounce our way tonight.

So will the Sens move up? Who do you want them to draft?

We will be covering it all and joking around on twitter during the lottery, so add me on twitter to get in on all the fun @SensTown

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