Monday, April 18, 2011

Fisher Does It Again

It was just a few days ago that former Sen Mike Fisher had an amazing playoff debut for his new club Nashville, and last night, he did it again, scoring the game winner for the Preds late in the third to give them the 4-3 win over another former Sen in Ray Emery.

Most Sens fans are left scratching their collective heads, wondering where all this clutch play was during his decade with the Sens in the playoffs. Johnny on the spot, James Duthie jumped in with the new Gordie Hat Trick. I think from now on this will be called the Mike Fisher Hat Trick. Agree or disagree?

If you missed the Sens Town interview with James Duthie before, don't miss it now, click here


JA said...

Natch on this being a new "hat trick" à la Gordie Howe. Fisher (or any other player with a hot wife) will always be one for three, every game. Not much of an accomplishment if you automatically go one for three.

Anonymous said...

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Can you make a post on this so ppl can remember to vote ?

The Mayor said...

just did one for u, check the main page