Friday, April 08, 2011

The Melnyk Presser & HNIC Interview

This is the video from Eugene Melnyk's press conference, where nothing was really answered. He said a lot of vague things and rambled on, like we might expect from the Euge. Nothing concrete, but we did find out that Cory Clouston is not an afterthought already as a coach for next season, which is somewhat surprising from everything I've heard, but then again, the Euge is unpredictable I suppose.

If you happened to have missed it last night, here is the link to the Euge's interview on Hockey Night In Canada (interview starts around 5:14 if you're impatient) from the Montreal game. Some have said it seems as if he's drunk. I'm not sure if he was or not but what makes me laugh is his assistant's face when he realizes the interview has started and he wasn't able to tell him something. His face is priceless.

So nothing was settled, no big surprise. Just another day in dysfunctional Senators land.


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