Thursday, April 14, 2011

Of Course He Did

Yep, of course the famously streaky Mike Fisher would have to go out and drop 2 goals and an assist in his first ever playoff game for Nashville. He was the 1st overall star in last night's action according to the Puck Daddy blog and with good reason. Fisher's strong play helped them to a 1-0 series lead in Anaheim against the Ducks. Don't get too excited, we all know he's likely not to score the rest of the playoffs and go on a patented cold streak for 15 games. Still frustrating to see. He had 29 career playoff points for the Sens in 75 games before this.

Alexei Kovalev wasn't to be outdone either, scoring a goal in the Penguins shutout win at home over high flying Tampa Bay. Chris Campoli wasn't so lucky, he was on the losing end of a goose egg, being shutout by Vancouver.

Thoughts on Fisher's hot start?


The Mayor said...


you're being ridiculous man, keep it up and i'll have to ban your IP.

I dont mind talking shit or chripin me if you're right but it's bordering on patheticness.

Who has time to make multiple accounts to spit your garnage on a blog lol? dont like it dont read it

I have NEVER deleted your comments EVER! if theyre gone it's either you or someone else.

Im 100% cool to admit that the original had the on it, youre just jumping to conclusions.

When it was sent in to me i assumed it was becuase it was done for me because who the hell else is a kings and sens fan?

Once you brought it to my attention that it wasn't so with the link, i removed it and linked the site that produced it, that's why it is no longer there.

This is coming from someone who has had their stuff stolen repeatedly but big outlets, thast why when i make it myself there's a on it so it is stolen without credit.

I more than anyone else know how crappy it feels to have work stolen and would never do it on purpose ever.

It was an error on my part but not intentional or malicious as you suspect.

Get over it man - i dont get paid for this and i spend a shit load of time doing stuff for free.

Ive been nothing but open and honest whole time, problem is you already have what you believe and wont be told any different, which is fine.

Hate me, dont read me, dont really care, not like you put any effort or pay for the material i put out multiple times a day, just dont spam my site with your propaganda plz sir.

-The Mayor

Marshall effing Johnston said...

If you label things you make with so they're not stolen without credit, then why did you label the Sens/Kings image with when you freely admit you didn't create it?

Because you stole it, and no reader sent it to you. It's simple to prove me wrong. Just forward the email that you got from the "reader". I'll publicly recant my accusations.

You can't produce the email because it doesn't exist. Man up. Admit you took something that wasn't yours, like you did with the Craig Anderson masks and the Senators jerseys, and then apologize. Don't lie and steal and I won't call you out for it.

Banning me will only help prove I'm right. If you've been open and honest, you have no reason to hide my comments. I don't have any interest in "talking shit" to you. You're free to voice your opinion on your own blog, but I'm sick of reading lies and thefts. I don't like it, and NO ONE should read it. Stop doing it, and I'll stop pointing it out. That's not propoganda.

The Mayor said...

Hey Marshall,

I decided i wanted to shut you up, so i looked around my email for a bit and couldnt find it. So i was like wtf - i know someone sent it to me.

I started thinking this was even some lame set up until i found it. It wasnt in my email because it was a reader comment with the link to ONLY the kings/sens one - i didnt know there were others and assumed because it was LA/Ott that it was most likely done for me, because who else is a Sens/Kings fan

Anyways go to this post and check the comment from over a week ago and that's where i got it - sent by a READER like i said 100% all along asshole.

I will wait for your apology any time

Marshall effin Johnston said...

I publicly recant my accusation that The Mayor stole the aforementioned logo. He has clearly shown that it was submitted to him by another user. It is a reasonable, although misguided, assumption on his part that the logo was created for him, though I doubt that is the case.

Senatorsman1200 said...

He's just mad that the leafs didn't make the playoffs again.

Don't worry Mayor, trolls will always be trolls.
I don't see Marshall making a Sens site...I would love to see it..probably won't be as great as this one though.
If you have nothing good to say, why bother saying it?
It's not like he gets paid to do this stuff. I could understand your argument..if the Ottawa Sun did this.
But it's not.
What do you seriously think was "the case?" I don't think that the Mayor seriously wants to pass stuff off as his own, since he isn't getting ahead by posting stuff..he isn't getting money for every post.
I think you just like to try to start arguments.

I love this I've said before, keep it up Mayor.

P.s. To keep this relevant, I was really happy for Fisher for scoring 2 goals, although I wish he was still with us. :(

Anonymous said...

You are a real loser Marshall. Who has the time to make all these accusations? LOSER


PS don't even bother responding, you're just a LOSER

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