Friday, April 15, 2011

Photo Diary: Florida Road Game

Welcome to another edition of Sens Town Photo Diary. This time I take on a time honored tradition, the road trip. I recently was in Florida for the March 30th game vs the Panthers and here are the results. We start off on the way to the arena, riding on Panther Parkway. For some reason it was empty. A sign of things to come I imagined.

Had a couple of pre game pops. I'm always an advocate for Sam Adams when choosing a big time American lager, so when I saw they had cherry flavored brew I had to try it. It was decent. 

The outside of the very nice Bank Atlantic Center, that fyi, is also in the middle of nowhere. I can only dream that one day we are able to get a stadium of this level, and it's not even that nice by modern standards anymore. The wide concourses, the nice team shop, the premium liquor/beer and the much better food options. A guy can dream of an arena like this one day in downtown Ottawa. It's a shame no one in the area appreciates it all.  

This was the parking lot 30 mins before the game, seriously! It's dead street. The mall across the street must have had 500-1000 times as many cars. Also not joking. This is way better than Quebec City/Winnipeg/Hamilton why? 


Awesome idea to make everyone feel like they're on the red carpet for some fancy, big time event. You know, the Oscars and Florida Panther games are on about the same level. I confuse the two all the time. The funniest part is how it's absolutely empty. I half expected tumbleweed to roll by. 

Sens Army in the house...because they got a DUI and are on house arrest. Does anyone remember Bonk doing that? Bueller? It was funny to see someone who cared enough to attend a game so far away, but was rocking such a funny, out of date jersey. You don't see many Radek's kicking around SBP and never did even when he played.

This may be the most amusing thing I've ever seen, guaranteed! 

When 49 point scoring Stephen Weiss is your marquee attraction you're in trouble. 

Your franchise is in very bad shape when Valeri Bure is included in anything but a famous brothers HOF.

Just curious, what honor is that exactly? 10 straight season of lottery picks?


Another entry from their little hall of fame, which was actually pretty cool. Showing off their proud history of the Rat Trick back in the day, complete with old school Scott Melanby jersey.

Even 1000's of km's away you can't escape these morons. That's a Habs hat and jersey (complete with jersey foul) at a Sens/Pathers game in FLORIDA!!!! People often ask me why I hate Habs fans, this is why.

Anthem time! Sure was nice seeing hockey live again after being away for 2 weeks.

I could definitely see Jason York wearing this.

The center ice faceoff after the Sens opening goal 5 mins into the game. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the attendance for a team out of contention....again. This was the start of the end of our tanking for draft position.

It sure was considerate of the Panthers franchise to include a running scoreboard for everyone wasn't it?

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is the learning experience club house for kids? Good question. Are you ready? It's a babysitting service so parents can bring their kids and watch the game in peace. Not a bad idea, definitely outside the box, but the $14 an hour price tag seems a bit steep for a franchise that struggles to draw fans. Especially when $14 can buy you a 100 level seat there sometimes.

Every time I hit a Sens/Panthers game in Florida, there's always some random celebrity in the house for some unexplained reason. In previous visits there was Scottie Pippen and Anna Kournikova, but this time it was legendary sports broadcaster Brent Musburger taking in some puck - respect!

No your eyes do not deceive you. Yes this is a pin trading board. Yes between this and babysitting, Panther games are just like summer camp. What's missing unfortunately, is during the 2nd intermission, the Humane Society literally brings cute homeless dogs to the arena to try and guilt parents into taking them home once their kids see how cute they are. I kid you not, this happened. Not sure why no player wants to sign there.

The Sens celebrating their victory in FLA. Of course just to go that extra mile and drive me insane, Filip Kuba, my most hated player this side of Brian Elliott, decided to score his first goal of the season to help us to the 2 points we didn't need or want. Seems about right the way things have been going. The players looked surprisingly upbeat and happy about winning. Oh well, I shouldn't be mad, the Panthers have 10 years experience at tanking, way more seasoned than us.

And the final view of Bank Atlantic and the scorebord, showing the 4-1 victory by the Sens that I didn't want. Full disclosure, this scoreboard is also pretty out of date compared to state of the art one's, but is still miles ahead of ours. I certainly hope the Euge uses the recently 50% raised CRF to do what's right and get us one for the All Star Game coming in 2012.

Notice anything weird about the final stats? How often do you see a team out shoot the opposition 38-23 and lose 4-1? Your 2010-11 Florida Panthers, who have now officially gone a decade without making the playoffs. Amazing! The only other team not to make the post season since the lockout? Our buddies down the 401, just sayin', shots fired!

Is going to a game in Florida the same as Montreal? Of course not, and I know I've had a good time making fun of them throughout this post, but shoutout to the fans who actually go to the games and are actually fairly loud compared to what you may think. The fans that do go are loyal and boy do they love their jersey fouls in South Florida, so much so that a future post will be devoted to this one game alone.

Hope you enjoyed the latest PD and if you ever have a chance to hit up a game in Florida go, it's always a fun time to be able to wear flip flops to a game. Be sure to hit up the PD archive to get caught up on any you may have missed and leave me comments to let me know what you think.

I'd also love any feedback about any type of posts or subject matter you'd like during the long off season. Email me at with your ideas/thoughts/comments.



Chad said...

Make your trip down to Texas next year (provided obviously that the Sens play Dallas). Take a tour of the Cowboys stadium and ballpark at arlington to see some real scoreboards. Plus the way the Stars have played last few years should be a good game for sens to win.

Mick Jack said...

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