Monday, April 11, 2011

Photo Diary: Twitterverse's Reaction To Murray's Extension

Bryan Murray contemplating if he should sign Simon Gagne or Alex Tangua this offseason
I had been hearing from people in the know that Bryan Murray would be returning as GM for quite some time. No doubt about it I was told, they'd be shocked it it didn't happen. I was of the same feeling, so once the announcement became official on Friday, I knew the fun of twitter would be coming in fast. So I decided to save some of the best tweets from the interwebs to share for your comedic enjoyment. So fasten your seatbelts.

And we're off, an excellent entry from Yahoo's Puck Daddy. It's simple and to the point, and pretty much sums up most people's feelings when they heard the news. The Ottawa Senators, the NHL's punch line.

I'm going to have to give this a vigorous co-sign, but crazier things have happened, you know like not making a Stanley Cup Final in 44 years and counting, or being only 1 of 2 teams not to make the playoffs sicne the lockout, the other being the hockey hotbed of Florida. I like the guys at PPP actually, well for Leaf fans, but I can't say I'm surpirsed they used "we" for re-electing George Bush. Toronto always tries to be an American city don't they? Don't worry Tdot, Joffrey Lupol will have new lost phone tales to keep you excited next year when you don't make the playoffs for a SEVENTH straight season. Brian Burke, savior!

Ah le mot juste.

I'm going to have to agree with Erin on this one. It just doesn't make sense to leave the man who caused the screw up to be left in charge to fix it does it? How many chances does one guy get? The extensions of aging guys for too much term and money, the multiple coaching changes, the NTC's etc etc. It was time to cut the cord and begin anew. So of course we stayed the course, status quo rarely wins the race.

The Murray re-up came on the heels of the Leafs being eliminated from playoff contention for the SIXTH straight year, so understandably, Leafs Nation were looking for a distraction. The Senators organization was more than happy to oblige.

God I hate it so much that he is right. For the most part, the reaction wasn't very positive from everything I've witnessed since the re-signing. Most people are having trouble stomaching more BM the GM.

This was almost funny, but sort of felt like it was trying too hard. Though the point he was making is somewhat valid. Both seem impossible, yet here we are. Ladies and gentleman, your Ottawa Senators.

This had great potential until he PC'd it up with the crazypants instead of a swear. To be fair, I think the Euge may be the craziest owner in the NHL. At least Wang isn't Canadian and is in a market where no one cares about his moves, so they seem less crazy to me based on that alone. Hard to make "crazy" decisions when they have no impact on your city. Hell the 67's draw as many fans as Long Island. 

Damn it, now Habs fans are chriping us too. Searching for comeback.....

This was of course written before the coaching staff was let go on Saturday evening. Thank god Carvel wasn't allowed to survive yet another coaching change. I've been calling for his firing for quite awhile if you're a regular you'll remember. I even heard some people speculating he may have been a head coach candidate at one point. I think this proves otherwise - praise Alfie!

The angry banana herself blesses us for a 2nd time, but this go round she chimes in with a solid joke courtesy of the monster's tears. I have to admit I was somewhat curious to see what it would have been like with Pierre in charge, for a week at least before I'd become annoyed no doubt. I suppose the choice was made between bad choice and worse choice, though i'm not sure which is which still.

Ok this one is both mean spirited, and at the same time spot on and hilarious.

Hiyooooooooooo! It is an apt statement however, but Brian Burke has also been there quite awhile, but neither compare at all to the Rhode Scholar of the NHL, Glen Sather.

Right on cue, you can always count on the long term miantsream media to come in with a fresh, edgy joke can't ya? What, no Doc Brown/DeLorean joke? Stick to your day job Steve, actually scratch that, please don't. Why these boring dinosaurs are allowed to continuously write for major media outlets is beyond me.

And we end with a tweet that wasn't funny but was bang on from Sens beat writer James Gordon. I've been saying all along that no way was Bryan Murray being fired and Gordon nailed it. If that was the case you don't let him make the moves he was allowed to make once things turned sour. Melnyk was just buying time to cushion the blow, so we had time to let it soak in.

For whatever reason, the Euge has a hard on for Murray and from everyone in the know I talked to leading up this, no one was at all surprised that he was extended. It was more of a matter of when, not if. Let's just all hope it works out and we're back to our usual standard of play very soon.

Thoughts on the Murray reactions?


Anonymous said...

Hey Bryan Murray rebuilt the ducks into a contender only to have Brian Burke finish the job. This is the guy who has drafted Corey Perry (MVP?) and Ryan Getzlaf, and now Erik Karlson and Jared Cowen, not too shabby. I think he could still move into a "Senior Advisor" role in year 3 of the contract. Was obvious when he re-upped Phillips.

Anonymous said...

I actually have no issue with the resigning. He started with a bare cupboard from when Muckler "went for it", some of his draft picks coming to fruition. I'm looking forward to the continuation of this rebuild, should be fun for the fans.

Anonymous said...

"I've got two words for ya...SUCK IT!"

- Bryan Murray