Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ray Emery Is As Good At Acting As He Is At Being Punctual

Back in August I told you about Ottawa native and singer Keshia Chante dating former Sen Ray Emery. I found this out because he was playing her love interest in her newest music video. Since that time I've been anticiptating the release to see his acting chops.

The review is in and it ain't good for Rayzor. I'm a big Emery fan still but it's painful to watch, then again Keshia isn't much better. He should stick to playing hockey, which he is killin right now with a 6-0 record for the Ducks with a .935 save % at the moment.

Shoutout to Emery for resurrecting his career but leaving the acting to the pros. Enjoy the video.

Thoughts on his performance?


Anonymous said...

a lame song and lame video :)

Peter Raaymakers said...

What a terrible song and video. Love the Smarties product placement, that was bush league.

Everything about this was uncomfortable. To be honest, Rayzor was far from the worst part of this video; I have a feeling the direction probably held him back.

Anonymous said...

why is she holding an electric guitar(not plugged in) when the song is played by an acoustic... and yes i do realize she plays a fake horrible solo near the end lol