Friday, April 29, 2011

The Season Is Over And We're Starving For Any News Links

The 2010-11 Sens, or at least what's left of them, salute the fans after the final game vs Montreal
The season has been over for almost 3 weeks now, the draft/free agency is still almost 2 months away, and we've just come off arguably the best first round of the playoffs of all time. The problem is there has been precious little Senators news, and I know many of you need your medicine, so I figured it's a good time for another edition of the links. Enjoy.

-Speaking of the draft, the hockey news chimes in with it's top 10 draft busts of all time, see #4. though I disagree that he is a top all time bust. Our expectations were out of control.

-I'm not a big high school guy, but this was pretty awesome.

-This made me laugh from Sens Town buddy James Duthie. It hurt more once we dropped to the 6th pick.

-No surprise here right? Yet another reason to love the magazine.

-Former Senator from back in the day Jamie Baker makes an appearance in one of the NHL's latest history will be made commercials.

-Things like this are why I love the internet.

-Deadspin featured some of the people I hate at Sens games. At least they are making fun of them.

-The night Ray Emery played against Brian Elliott. Shocker, many goals were scored.

-Ian Mendes on the ball with this piece a few days before the Parisien Da Costa signed with the Sens.

-Speaking of Da Costa, it was a real coup apparently to get him.

-Things may have been bad this year for the Sens, but I doubt they will ever get this bad.

-Why am I not surprised that Dany Heatley likes douchebag Paul Bissonette?

-This might be something to slightly brag about to potential free agents this summer. Ottawa ranked #1, so suck on that Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

-Yep this is our owner - sigh.

-She may say she ain't no Yoko, but no one even cares anymore.

-Some funny hockey related tee's here.

-If you missed the last game of the season where they give the jerseys of the players backs, re-live all the awkwardness of people pretending to be happy getting the jerseys of guys they've never heard of.

-Carvel jobbed? Really? He outlasted mulitple coaches, come on.

-Yet another reason why Canada is better than the United States.

-Which Ontario team will have the quicker rebuild? Ian Mendes gives you his opinion.

-In case you thought the NHL Draft Lottery was rigged after the Sens fell to 6th spot, you can watch the draw here.

-A nice little goodbye note from the former head of Sens communications Phil Legault.

-Even though they lost the epic series, this is still legendary.

-Apparently Jason Spezza has a goal song. I was unaware.

-I don't care what anyone says, this is a great step forward for the league.

-Where do the Sens rank in the NHL's goal horn department? We didn't hit number 1, but we beat Montreal and Toronto at least.

-From game 6 vs Chicago. I gave him a 10 for diving.

-People don't really want to hear this, but you know it's true. Well the living in Winnipeg part at least.

-The Team USA World Championship squad gets a hip hop theme song and we don't? I feel really left out now.

-And finally, find out how some of the Sens prospects still playing are doing, including Jared Cowen.

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