Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sens Finish Season 26th Overall

The final NHL standings for the 2010-11 season - Ottawa finished in 26th place
With the Sens season wrapping up yesterday, and the league finishing today, it's official, the Sens have finished the 2010-11 year in 26th place overall. Not exactly what we had in mind when we started the year, and not where I was hoping to finish if you wanted to know my opinion.

I'm glad we played much better hockey down the stretch, and were definitely more entertaining to watch, but a few meaningless points were not worth what it cost us, which is our draft position to pick up a star in June's entry draft in Minnesota.

Craig Anderson should not have played so much, esepcially after he signed the new 4 year extension. Then again, I'm sure quite a bit of that had to do with BM the GM trying to save his own ass, which he managed to do. So mission accomplished on his end, but not on mine.

Though we do have an 8.1% chance to move up to 1st overall on Tuesday night's draft lottery show, the odds are slim and most likely we will be picking 5th in a 4 player high end talent draft. We can't even lose properly.

While I'm thankful we were no longer a joke down the stretch run, I won't remember any of those games in a month or two, but having one of those top guys can make all the difference in a rebuild. They at least owed us that right? Short term results were yet again pushed to the top in favor of long term viability, and I for one don't understand those priorities at all.

So our big master plan were to fire the coaching staff and get rid of aging/undeperforming players, but keep the guy who was responsible for all of those decisions? Until we get rid of everyone top to bottom, this will be the same old Sens, but let's be real, this is the same organization who's had the same marketing director for years and years with horrible season ticket holder numbers, so I wouldn't count on any changes anytime soon.

Thoughts on the Sens 26th place finish?

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Anonymous said...

It is silly the curtis M couldn't have more starts (especially on road games). This would have accomplished two things: get less points/draft higher and evaluate him for the backupjob next year.